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Sexual Empowerment for Women

Overdue Sexual Emancipation

" Women have been sexually repressed for centuries, primarily by male-centered theology."


By Dr. Ronny West

    Most of today's anti-woman, anti-sex views can be traced back to the early Judeo-Christian scriptures, and those can be traced back to ancient Jewish tribal law.

The original anti-woman, anti-sex attitudes were expanded in early Christianity.

Although women once regarded commonly-held "advice" like the following something of a religious and social mandate, it would be hard to find any woman today who wouldn't see it as ludicrous.

       ...Dear reader, let me concede one shocking truth. Some young women actually anticipate the wedding night ordeal with curiosity and pleasure!

Beware such an attitude!

One cardinal rule of marriage should be never be forgotten: give little, give seldom, and above all give grudgingly.

From Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride (1894)

In the United States there was a national outrage over (and attempts to ban the publication of) the first definitive study showing that women had sexual desires and needs.

As late as the 19th Century it was effectively illegal in England to print that a wife enjoyed sex, even when if it was with her husband.

We now know that, absent the prevailing social restrictions, the desire of women for sex can be just as strong as it is for men.

We are now seeing this reflected in studies.

Although this has long threatened many men, we are now seeing women freeing themselves from centuries of sexual repression -- often (in a reversal of things) with the encouragement of husbands.

We have many examples on this site.  We refer to this growing phenomena as consensual adultery.

Reaction Against Consensual Adultery

As in the case of most social change, we are seeing an initial backlash against consensual adultery, primarily from conservative factions.

As we've seen throughout history social change tends to move move in a "two-steps-forward, "one-step-back" pattern until the critical mass is achieved.

It wasn't long ago that same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships were not only frowned upon but illegal. Before that it was black-white marriages.

Today, there are those who say that the acceptance consensual adultery can never achieve a critical mass because it is too dangerous to a primary relationship.

Driving Factors

There are also a number of personal and social forces driving what we call consensual adultery. (Granted, consensual and adultery are antithetical terms, but when used together most people recognize the meaning.)

Driving this seeming trend, is, for example, husbands suffering from a loss of libido -- apparently a growing problem. Not wanting to leave their wives "high and dry" without sex they  are sometimes suggesting that their wives take on safe (non threatening) lovers.

Other wives -- apparently a growing number -- are simply "cheating" on their spouses, which, of course, is far more threatening to he primary relationship.

But even this doesn't have to result in the destruction of the primary relationship.

As non-consensual adultery becomes more common, forgiveness will also become more common.

This has already started among the higher social-economic groups and is starting to filter down through the social-economic strata.

Will it eventually achieve a critical mass?

Probably, but until that day arrives many relationships will be damaged or destroyed. This is why the authors have wisely advised against consensual adultery for most couples.

How We Got Where We Are

      With the introduction of "the pill" followed by the publication of the thoughts and fantasies of numerous female writers, female sexuality came out of the closet.

For her 2003 book, Seductress: Women Who Have Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love, Betsy Prioleau researched the most influential women throughout the ages.

She discovered that adventurous, free-loving women have been both more appealing to men and more socially powerful than women that were "only" beautiful and virtuous.

In 2013 we have the so-called Clitoracy Project or Clitoracy 101 that seeks to educate people on the role of the clitoris in sex -- an organ whose sole purpose seems to be to provide sexual pleasure to women.

There are other things we can't turn back the clock on.

 On the horizon are effective libido-intensifying pharmacology that promises to eliminate fears about STDs.

With these developments, and when the religious control over sex finally fades away, we will see major changes in sexual behavior.

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