My White Wife is Blacked - I


Based on email

My wife loves parties.  I hate them, but she dragged me to one recently and I ate something that soon left me feeling like shit.

I told my wife I had to head home.  But since she had been looking forward to the party, and got a dress and all, I urged her to stay.

I found Matt, a black friend, who lived not too far from our home, and I asked him if he would mind taking my wife home when she was ready.

He asked, “How will I know when she's ready?”

Not in the mood for stupid questions, I said, “I'm sure she'll tell you.

“What if she doesn't?”

Matt loves to play stupid word games, but right then I just wanted to get home, barf up whatever had made me sick, and sleep it off.

At about midnight, just when I got to sleep, I got a call from Matt. He didn't sound nearly a chipper now. He said, Most everybody got sick. It was bad shrimp. Your wife is at my place. I've got some great stuff here to settle stomachs. She has finally stropped heaving and now she's asleep. Is it all right if she stays?

I didn't want to drive anywhere right then so I said, “Let her sleep. Just don't try to get her to do something she doesn't want to do, if you know what I mean.”

“But if it's okay with her....”

Once again, a stupid question. “Good night Matt.”

By 7 am I was feeling decent enough to head for work. I checked my phone for text messages. Nothing.

I called my wife from work at 10:30. She took a long time in answering. “Where are you?"

“At Matt's. I'm in the bathroom so I can talk.”

"Where were you when I called?"

"In his bedroom."

"With Matt?"


“It's 10:30 and the two of you were still in bed?"

"We figured it was the shrimp."

“So you've been in bed with Matt all night?"


"Did you have sex?"

Long pause. "I guess you'll have to know. Yes. Twice. He's very big. I came -- twice. I guess you are pretty mad.”

“You came twice?” Getting my wife to climax even once had always been a major accomplishment.

She said, “I never had sex with a black guy before.”

Concerned, I asked, "Did he push you into it?”

“Not exactly, we were in the same bed and once we were feeling better one thing led to another.”

I wasn't sure how to respond. “So did you like it?”

“I couldn't believe I was doing it for the first time with a black guy."

“And when I called I guess you were ready for another round?"

"Well, it's a little late for me to play hard to get. (Long pause.) I want you to say it's okay."

"Can you put Matt on the phone?"

After some jiggling of the phone Matt came on the line. "We were in my bed and one thing led to another. When should I take her home?"

"There's no one at our place until I get off work. Put my wife back on the line."

More fumbling of the phone. I said, "If you came twice you must have wore him out."

"He's never had a white woman before and this is my first black guy. He can keep going for a long time. I think he's getting interested again. What should I do?"

"You could always say 'no.'  "

"Well, after the first time it wasn't completely his idea."

I said, "Which means it was your idea."


"Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming a black cock whore."

I expected vociferous objection, but there was just a long pause. Finally, she said, "I can see where that would have its advantages. I'll have him bring me home."

"After you have another round with him I guess."

"Yeah, after that."  She clicked off.

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