His Long Weekend With My Wife

Based on email 

Susan works in an office with a lot of young single women -- the kind that are always talking about dates and are prone to go gaga over good looking guys passing through.

I married Susan right out of high school. Being a young married woman in an office full of young single women is not a good combination.

A couple days ago Susan mentioned this handsome, black athlete from the R&D department that came by the office to drop off some stuff. His name is Jeffery and she said the women couldn't stop talking about him.

I asked, "Did that include you?"

She said, "I'm married, not dead."

"Is he married?"

"No, he's having too much fun dating girls."

"And if you weren't married?"

"I guess I would take a number like all the others."

As it happened I knew the head of R&D. We went to FSU together and since joining the company I've done him some favors.

I decided to meet him and catch up on old times. In the course of the conversation I mentioned Jeffery. I said, I hear that you have out-of-town presentations on new products -- two person teams where one of them has to know PowerPoint. As it happens my wife is something of an expert on that."

He looked at me wondering where this was going.

"It's her birthday coming up and I was thinking that maybe you could arrange to have Jeffery and her do a presentation together."

 "You sure? The next one is in LA over a weekend and Jeff's quite a stud with women."

"Can you set it up?"

He thought about it. We have a  budget for consultants, so if you're sure about this, I could send her the paperwork and the PowerPoint file."

A few hours later my wife called, "I'm going to be loaned out to R&D for a presentation in LA with Jeffery! Did you have anything to do with that?"

"I had to call in a favor, but it's your birthday."

"Do I have to behave myself?"

"During the day when you are working, but not at night."

"So at night I can do what I want with Jeffery?"

"Sure, if you want some stories to take back to the girls in the office."

I got this picture on my cell at 2 a.m.

When she got home she said, "We were pretty dunk when we sent you that picture. Jeffery took it in the dresser mirror."

"I assume there more than oral sex?"

"We had three nights and some afternoons, so, yes, a lot more."

"So you liked your present.?"

"Very much."

"Good. Happy birthday."

She was silent for a while as I kept staring at the picture. It was a turn-on to to see my wife with another man's cock in her mouth. When we were married it was a long time before she gave me oral sex. But in this picture she must have been in a real hurry; she didn't even let him get his clothes off.

Then Susan asked, "So what am I supposed to do for your birthday?"

I said, "We'll think of something."

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