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" I said for some women it's a turn-on knowing that men are watching.

My wife surprised me by saying, 'I can see where it would be.' "


From e-mail

         This whole thing started when I was in an Internet discussion group with some guys. They were talking about what their wives would and wouldn't do in the bedroom.

We were all anonymous and we hadn't given out our addresses or even the city we lived in so we felt pretty free about revealing personal things.

One guy brought some nude pictures of his wife on his cell phone, and another said that he had a webcam in the bedroom and sometimes he turned it on when he was making love to his girlfriend. 

We, of course, jumped on that, so he then gave us the Internet address and told us to watch the next night at 10 p.m.

I told my wife about it, so we both got in front of the computer the next night and watched them make love for about 30-minutes. Although they started out under sheets, soon they were on top of them and you could see everything. (The guy showed off his nine-inch penis, which is probably why he wanted to share that video with us.)

My wife's only comment afterwards was that the woman could stand to lose about 15 pounds. Plus, she seemed kind of put off by the whole thing, so I though that was the end of it.

However, a few days later she started asking about it and I said that a lot of women had webcams in their apartments or houses and everything they did went out over the Internet. I gave her a couple of web addresses that I knew about.

Apparently she spent a bit of time investing in these sites while I was at work, and when I got home she asked why the women do it. I said that some women are exhibitionists and it's a turn-on knowing that men are watching. She said, "I can see where it would be." 

That reply surprised me.  It also gave me an idea. I asked if I could take some nude photos of her. For one thing she was prettier than the wife  of the man who had shared nude photos of his wife. Plus, we were anomalous, so they had no way of contacting or trolling her.

The new pictures looked pretty good, so I asked her if I could show them to my friends on the web. After being assured they lived a long way away and she would never see the guys, she agreed.

 My wife gets men's attention, even with her clothes on, and when I held the pictures up to the webcam the guys really got off on seeing her nude.

" I must admit it turned me on to show nude pictures of my wife to men. It was like I was married to a Playboy model or something."


She could see the messages from the guys looking at the photos. They said how great she looked and then they wanted to see her live on the webcam. After a lot of encouragement and a couple glasses of wine she agreed. 

After posing for the camera in different ways, the guys wanted to see her take off her clothes. One of the guys reminded her that they had already seen her nacked in the still pictures, so it would be no big deal.

I could see that the idea intrigued her and finally, she was nude with her picture going out live to selected guys. She seemed to be getting off on it.

Then they wanted her to lay back on the bed and spread her legs, but that was too much. She said your friends are perverts, and she abruptly called a halt to things. I guessed that was the end of this little endeavor.

 A week or two later she said, "I would be willing to do what they wanted, you know, spread my legs with the camera on me."  

I was surprised, but I think she had been looking at some of the sites where women did just that. I said, "What they want are close-ups." (Up until that time the camera had just on the top of the computer monitor.)

She asked whether we could do close-ups, and I said, "Yes, but we should have a good camera with a zoom lens."  She wanted to know if anyone could find out our names or where we lived, and I said, "No." She thought about it and said, "Okay, get a good camera."

I got a new camera and a couple nights later I had everything ready to go.

I signed onto the group and said that my wife would give them what they wanted. I got her to drink a glass of wine to sort of take the edge off things and she did a slow, provocative strip tease, which ended with her laying back on the bed and opening her legs.

By now it was pretty obvious that she was getting off on this.

I got a lot of close-ups, which is what the guys were asking for. As things progressed, the conversation got very explicit, and she seemed to kind of get off on teasing them. I'm sure the wine helped.

Knowing my wife was being seen naked and getting a bunch of guys turned on excited me too.

The next day she seemed embarrassed about the whole thing, and it was some time before she talked about it again. 

But after while she said she had been looking at some other women were doing on the Internet, and she said, "Your friends haven't see us have sex like your friend and his girlfriend."

I wasn't ready for that, especially with all the ten-inch studs out there who can put on a real show. How many guys can compete with that? So I sort of told her I didn't want to go that far, but, I sensed a kind of disappointment.

Then she said, "I know this guy from high school that I went out with for a while and sent around pictures of him and his girlfriend. She was sucking him off. That would really give your friends a show. I could call him."

Now this seemed to be getting out of hand. But I said, "So you would be sucking this guy off and we would send out video of you doing it!?"

She said, "You know the Internet is full of that kind of thing, and judging from the rings I see, a lot of the people are married."

My wife sucking on some man's cock while my friends watched! Was I ready to let her do that?

A couple nights later my wife asked again, "Do you think your friends would like to watch me do a guy like in those pornos?"

I hesitantly said, "I'm sure they would."

She said, "I think it would be exciting to play the role of a porno girl and put on a show for your friends."

I said, "You know they could record it, don't you?"

"I know, but it they don't know who I am or where I live, so would it be a problem for you?"

"I thought it would be one for you."

"It could be fun and it would probably make your friends jealous."

"I'm sure it would, but are you really ready to do that?"

She said, "Thousands of women do that on the internet; I would just be one more."

All along I thought my wife would call a halt to things at some point, but she didn't and it only seems to turn her on.

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