Dr. West..




A Wife's Internet Porn


Dr. Weston,

    One of the guys at work came over to my computer and whispered, "You've got to see this."

He brought up some site where there were pictures of the wife of one of the employees engaged in sex with a couple of black guys.

He said, "Sure as hell, that's Maggie. Can you believe this is on the Internet? I've got to show it to Jake."

I grabbed his arm.  "What if that was your wife."

"My wife wouldn't do anything like that."

"Unless she was drugged or something. Remember Bill Cosby?"

He stopped, "You think Margie was drugged?"

"And what would Jerry [her husband] think of you showing people this site? He's a pretty physical guy. Ever wonder what it would feel like hitting the pavement outside your office window from three stories up?"

"But this is just too good."

"You might also keep in mind that there's a record in telecom of the sites you go to."

"Shit; how do you know?"

"Supervisors know these things."


         I called the woman and said I would like to talk with her in private.

I had never called her before so she knew something was up, "Is it about the pictures, isn't it."


Silence for a while.  "Who knows?"

I can't say; but one of the major gossips around here does."

"Where can I meet you?"

"How about the coffee shop in C-building. Do you know where that is?"

"I'll find it. Did you see the photos?"

Let's not talk about it on the phone."

"You did see them, didn't you.

(No reply.)

"God, this is humiliating."

Margie was petite, fragile looking woman of about 30, and, as you might guess, blond.

We got coffee and after I stirred in cream and sugar I started. "So how did it happen?"

There was a long pause.

" I started having an affair with this black guy. He seemed real nice and he talked me into going to this party. " 



"I don't do drugs, but the drinks were really strong -- made me pretty fuzzy."

"What do you remember."

"I remember seeing flashes from a camera. So can I get them erased before any other people see them?"

"A bit late for that.  But, unless you signed a release, what they are doing is illegal, and if you threaten legal action, I'm pretty sure they will take them down.  But I'm not sure that will do much good at this point. People have already seen them, probably even made copies on their computers, and maybe sent them to other sites to post."

Silence for a while.  I continued. "You better tell your husband that you were given something and you can't remember what happened after that."

"That's pretty much true."

"How does your husband handle stuff like this in general?"

"I know he looks at porno."

"More than a few husbands have been surprised to discover their wives on porno sites."

"Then what happens?"

"Everything from being turned on to demanding a divorce I guess."

Margie looked away from me. "You've seen me naked and doing everything with guys. What would you do if you found pictures of your wife like that on the Internet?"

"First, I guess, see if she was drugged or totally drunk, or something.  But, regardless, once pictures like that are out there, it doesn't much matter."

Maggie said, "But there must be millions of pictures like that on the Internet."

"True, but of no one someone knows or works with."

"Can I sue them?"

"And use the photos as exhibits in court for maybe a jury and a bunch of legal types to consider?"

"I guess that's a 'no.' "

Long pause while she thought it over. "I wish I could talk to my husband like this."

"Better tell him about this before he finds out from someone else. If he throws you out and you don't have any better place to go, you can come over to our place for a while; we have an extra bedroom."

"Your wife wouldn't mind?"

"Talk to your husband and we can go from there."

"This is really terrible isn't it."

"There are a few hundred-thousand attractive women out there that have done the same thing."

"But are they married?"

"Sometimes husbands talk them into it."


"Money, bragging rights; because it turns them on, who knows."

Maggie said, "Don't they have computer programs that can search for women on the internet? I read that Russia using them to arrest women because porn is illegal there."

"This isn't like Russia -- at least not until some anti-porn, right-wingers from Utah or some place take over." 

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