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Get Your Daughter

 On Birth Control!

E-mail from a parent.


" I found out that these guys just 'take' the girls they want -- pretty girls like my daughter.

Girls that 'rat them out' are beaten up and hurt bad."


     We are a religious family and our daughter was barely in junior high, but she got pregnant.

Maybe she tried to say "no" -- I definitely believe she did -- but she's pretty and some of the [minority boys] at her school, won't take "no" for an answer.

" They think they have a right to any girl they want and the school officials seem helpless to stop them." 


         Of course I wanted to sue everybody or maybe see that the kid was thrown in juvie jail, but by the time I found out about this, several guys had taken advantage of her. I believed my daughter when she said, it wasn't her fault.

Because my wife's views, talking about birth control was not even a consideration. 

To make things worse, this would have totally ruined my daughter's future -- all the plans for college she had made and we had been saving for. 

She had to abort by taking pills. Since I had made such a stink about this everyone found out.

That, of course, will haunt her the rest of her life -- and our lives.

" My wife and I feel that maybe we were responsible for shirking our [sex education] duties, but, still, I would like to sue those clueless people who thought just-say-no was the end-all answer to this." 


This isn't the first letter we've gotten from those who thought they were doing the right thing, only to find out that the consequences were devastating. Anyone who takes the time to research this issue will come to this conclusion. 

Our failure to do this "for the sake of morality" has put our youth at the top of the list of industrialized countries for STD, pregnancies and abortions.

This isn't because U.S. kids are more "promiscuous." Other countries hold that record. The difference is that they don't reap the negative consequences.

Unfortunately, many  people have found out too late that the "just-say no" approach is unrealistic in many of our inner-city public schools.

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