Knowing She's Somebody's Wife


Rewritten from a man's e-mail

Dr. Weston:

   I like seeing pretty woman wearing wedding ring in porno pictures. 

To me a wedding ring shows that although she's married and presumably being looked after (kept out of major trouble), her husband wants to share her.Hotwife ankle chain And he wants her to enjoy other men.

I also like to see a woman wearing one of those gold ankle chains.  That's her way of signaling those in the know that although she's married she's free to have lovers.

In my opinion these husbands and wives are especially sophisticated and brave.

Dr. Weston's response:

In your closing "sophisticated and brave" line you left out secure. It takes a unusual man, one devoid of jealousy and possessiveness, to share his wife.

At the same time, I've been surprised at the number of husbands that harbor a secret fantasy of sharing their wives. This is generally after five years or so of marriage.

With sex dropping off in marriages, it's often the wives that are interested in extra-curricular sex. This generally comes after the wife has adjusted to an active sex life in the marriage and then finds find that the sexual spark in the marriage is diminishing.

When this happens the wives may worry that the husband is losing interest in them. With many husbands working around young, sexually liberated women who may be interested in making a major jump in their social-economic status, this fear is not completely unfounded. [Think: trophy wives.]

Whereas it is well known that the Coolidge effect can resurrect a man's interest in sex, a wife may be looking for the earlier intimacy and sexual excitement that an affair can provide.

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