Very Pretty, Very

Promiscuous Wife

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         The first time I saw Ellen I was in love.

She's petite, slim, blond, with a face like an angel.

I asked around and found out that she wasn't exactly an angel. Around the base she was known to routinely make it with most every guy she went out with.

Soon, I got a date with her. She was fantastic in bed -- undoubtedly because she enjoyed sex with total abandon.

As premature as it was, I told one of the guys that I wanted to marry her. He warned me that she  had been married to a marine and while he was gone she spent every night with some guy.

I kept going out with Ellen.  I took her places and we had long talks.

When she saw I was getting serious, she told me what I already knew, that she had been with a lot of  men and although she had tried when she had been married, she didn't like being alone, and she didn't know if she could be faithful to one man. 

Ellen figured that frank disclosure would end  our relationship -- it had ended others -- but I wanted this woman.

We had this long talk where I said, as long as she stayed with me, she could sleep with whomever she wanted when I was gone, which I figured she would do anyway.

To test me she went out with a couple of guys and spent the night with them.

I held it together and afterwards simply asked her if she enjoyed it.  As if to challenge me further she told me about all the details of what she did with them. I think she was impressed that I could handle it. 

Months passed and one thing led to another and soon we were married.  Some of my men friends who didn't know her marveled at how I could rate such a beautiful woman.

One day when I came home from work early.  I saw his motorcycle in the driveway. I snuck around the side of the house and peered in the bedroom window. 

I watched her and a guy in bed together. Despite tinges of jealousy, it was fascinating to watch.

I had watched a lot of porno like most guys, but this was different and much more exciting, I was watching my wife with a man I didn't know.

They made love with total abandon for some time and it wasn't long until he was ready to cum. She sensed it and wrapped her legs around him and started loudly encouraging him.

The moment when I knew he was climaxing in in my pretty wife gave me a strange feeling. Although I was jealous, I had a major erection.

I had to conclude that although she's my wife she occasionally needs to experience a different man.

I came to terms with that and got her one of those gold ankle chains to signify that, although married, she was free to go out with other men. For those in the know it also served as a signal that she wasn't cheating on me, but that I knew and approved.

NOTE:  It is estimated that almost of half of people with sexually-transmitted infections don't tell a new partner. Sex with anyone other than a trusted partner requires protection - generally in the form of a condom. Although if properly used, condoms provide a high degree of protection, that protection is not 100%.

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