Lessons From A Lifetime

From e-mail  

" Maybe learning about my mistake will help some of the younger guys. "



Dear doctor,

         I had a wonderful wife (pretty, with long, dark red hair, green eyes, sexy body, super ass - she had it all -- and was smart and fun, too) and we had a beautiful daughter who I was crazy about,

But when I was young I was possessive and a bit of a racist so when my wife had an affair with a black man, I blew up. I could not accept MY wife fucking a black man and I ended up throwing it all away.

I lost my the love of my life not to mention my daughter. All because I was too jealous and possessive.

My wife didn't want a divorce; she claimed she loved me, but I couldn't accept what she had done and I drove her away.

My wife went on with her life without me.  She was smart, charming, pretty and had her choice of men but didn't rush into another marriage (the relationship with the black guy was just sexual and it played out almost immediately).

         After six years she eventually married an older, rich man, who wasn't nearly so possessive as I had been. 

They had an open marriage that permitted my ex to indulge her occasional taste for black men.

They have it all now, living a life of luxury. I don't think the love they have is as deep as the love we shared, but she is secure and free, whereas I was completely possessive.

         My daughter grew up without me (except for the usual visits), went to college, and is now, irony of ironies, married to a successful black man.  Is this taste for black men genetic do you think? -- and they have two young children, a boy and a girl.

I have mostly gotten over my racism now.  How could I continue to be a racist with two half-black grandchildren?

" I never found another woman who I loved like my ex-wife." 


I eventually did marry again. I had gradually drifted into relationships with Asian women. I found them attractive, hot, sexy and without all the complications and games that go with dating many American women.

I even made several trips to the Orient and, finally, after it looked like my ex's marriage was going to stick, I gave up on her coming back to me and married a young Thai woman.

         I didn't want to be alone the rest of my life and while it wasn't love like with my ex, Nikki was beautiful and sexy and incredible in bed.

I didn't have any illusions -- I was 46 at the time and Nikki was only 21 -- so I didn't intend to be possessive or jealous. I told her when I proposed marriage she was free to have other men as long as she was up front with me about it and would stick by me.

I knew she would have no problem with sex with other men since like most Asian women, especially Thai women, Nikki is very sexual.  But she said she loved me and didn't want any other men right then -- she wanted kids.

We had two kids very quickly then I told her that was enough that I was too old for more. She accepted that then when the youngest started school she told me she was ready for other men. I was fucking her but she wanted more.

         We talked about it and she had just read an article about Thai women importing black men to Thailand for sex.  Apparently, rich, upper class Thai women import black men from Africa and the Caribbean and it's the new big thing in Thailand for Thai women who can afford it.

They all want to get fucked by big cocks now it seems.

Nikki said she wanted to try a black man and she wanted to try a big cock. I figured it would help keep her satisfied and I was happy and didn't want to lose her.

Nikki was a wonderful wife, good mother, super in bed and a great cook.

I wanted to keep her happy so if she wanted to fuck black men with big cocks it was fine with me. I didn't want to lose her like I lost my first wife.

         So, from time to time when Nikki feels like it I fix her up with a hung black stud and they fuck like crazy. I love watching Nikki when she gets hot and crazy with a black man. But she doesn't need it all the time, just a few times a month plus what I give her seems to be enough to keep her happy.

" If I had just done that for my first wife then probably I would have never lost her." 


         Just to show how much wiser I am now than I was almost 30 years ago, a black man fucking my first wife destroyed that marriage (due to immaturity prejudice, and ignorance on my part), but I'm wiser now, I have no problem with my second wife regularly fucking black men.

         Maybe my story will help some of these younger guys not to make the same mistake I did.

PS: I forgot to mention one thing. Since my wife and one of her boyfriends are on the exhibitionist side, I get her to leave the bedroom door open during sex. I stand in the shadows and watch them. Watching her have sex is better than having sex with her, myself.

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