Unforgivable Sexual Sin

Based on e-mail and Gilmore Girls

" Even in an idyllic and sexually permissive town, there are unforgivable sexual sins. "


The recent over-hyped, four-season resurrection of Gilmore Girls, got me wondering what the original series must have been like to generate such a large and devoted following.

Although most of the original series is pure escapism (a definite gift during these times), in one episode Rory Gilmore, the idyllic but slightly flawed daughter of her very-best-friend mother, had an impulsive one-night stand with her ex-boyfriend causing the young woman's new and tenuous marriage to blow up. 

Rory's mother discovered the tryst and to her credit came down on her daughter in a most uncharacteristic and brutal way.

Although it would have been easy to quickly "fix" this in a subsequent episode, to their credit, the writers let the immediate consequences of this stand.

Adultery, especially involving a young woman that was desperately trying to make her fragile marriage work, was a bridge too far.

Even in this idyllic and sexually permissive town there are lines you don't cross.

You might wonder where all this is going.

Actually, we are "there" already,

In today's hook-up culture people have not "evolved" to the point that they have overcome jealousy and possessiveness, or their consequences. Something the readers of your site should keep in mind.

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