Dr. West

"Chick Talk"

In my high school girls talk mostly about guys and sex.

This one time three of us at got to talking about black lovers. (This is Mississippi, the three of us are white females, and we have no experience with black guys.)

I said, "You would have to tie me down to get me to have sex with a black guy."

Another girl said, "You wouldn't have the courage anyway."

"You don't think I could to it?"

"Think about it. Naked on a bed, tied down so you couldn't stop things, and this black guy would crawl in you and bang you until he filled you with his sperm. I bet he would be running out of you for a week."

Another girl said, "Wouldn't that be something to know you are filled with black sperm? It's pretty potent."

"And If you were tied down you couldn't flush it out--you would just lie there and think about all that sperm swimming around inside of you trying to make you pregnant."

"One time my boyfriend tied me down on my bed. He teased me by saying he was going to invite some of his friends over to take turns with me."

"My god, how long were you tied down?"

"Maybe an hour. He just left me that way."

Was it scary?"

"Definitely, but I could tell it turned on my boyfriend; he got a real boner saying how he was going to give me to guys. Even so it was scary and exciting thinking he could do it."

"So it turned you on?"

"Sort of."

"But he could have given you to guys if he wanted to and tied down like that you couldn't have done anything about it."

"We talk about it when we have sex. It keeps him hard."

"But were talking about black guys."

"He has black friends."

"Probably with huge dicks."

'You've got red hair and black guys like that. I've seen how those guys look at you. You could have your pick. Once you did it, could you brag about it like Ellen."

"Ellen is a slut."

"My boyfriend dated Ellen."

"Because she's a slut?"

"Guys like that kind of thing."

"The Internet is full of black guys with white girls--pretty white chicks; blond, big boobs. I don't know where they find them."

"Most of what they have is fake."

"I hear they pay them $1,000 for photos that only take 30-minutes, but they can go on the Internet and everyone can see them -- parents, teachers, other guys."

"There are a zillion photos like that on the Internet, they would never find them."

"As a  waitress I can't make $1,000 in a month."

"Andif you did this,  you could just lie on a nice, comfortable bed and make noises like you were into it."

"I do that with my boyfriend; it turns him on."

"I wonder if it's different with a black guy?"

"It would have to be different."

"All of them aren't big, just the ones they take pictures of."

"Once you did the first one, you're blacked, and it would be easy with other black guys."

"Yeah, the first one would be the hardest; after that it would just be more of the same."

"I'm think my boyfriend fantasizes about Ellen when we are having sex."

"You could be like her; what's stopping you?

"Nothing I guess."

"So do it."

"You don't think I have the guts, do you?"

"What if white guys found out. No more dates with white guys."

I hear that once you get used to black guys, white guys can't satisfy you."

"Ellen dates white guys."

"Yeah, but she puts out and guys know she does. They get horny just being around her, and anyway with your dad's job your family moves every year, so if you had to you could start new where no one knows you."

"And if you did it you can tell us what it's like -- if it's as good as it seems in porno."

"Black guys brag, so everyone would know."

(Long pause while she thinks about and another topic is introduced. Suddenly one of the girls interrupts.) "Okay I'll do it if one of you sets it up. But it has to be Roger."

Surprise all around. It seemed like this was going in another direction.

"And you won't chicken out -- we can tell Roger for sure, really for sure?

"For sure.

"Roger has been seeing some black chick for ever."

"But I'm white and she's not, so no contest."

"You going to let him cum in you?"

"Sure, that's what you do in sex."

"How about oral sex? I would like to see you with Roger's big black dick in your mouth."

"And you are really, really going to do it?"

"I said I would."

"We figure you will chicken out."

"You figure wrong."

"So how is this going to work?"

"Simple. One of you sets it up, he picks me up at my place and drives me to an out-of-town motel where we do it."

"And we can tell him you are a sure thing?" He's going to be mad as hell if you chicken out."

"I'm not going to chicken out."

(Silence while it sinks in.)

"Another voice. "If she does it I'll do it; but she has to do it first.."

"Roger is going to be busy."

"No, not with Roger, a black guy in my history class."

"I didn't think you were on the pill."

"We'd use a condom."

We turned to Jill, who hasn't committed."

After a long pause she said, "If you both do it, I will."

"Whose going to be the guy?"

"We'll set you up."

Jill. "So I'm just sort of meet him a motel or something."

''Don't worry, we'll pick a nice guy for you, a guy that's dying to get in your pants."

"You'll probably want to keep going out with him."

Jill: "If you both do it, for sure, I will."

"So we have a pact.  We'll call it our white chicks, black cocks pact."

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