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Satisfying My Wife

By Opening Our Marriage

From e-mail

        My wife, Breanne, used to constantly complain about things, including our love life. When the ads for the ED drugs came on TV, she call my attention to them.

I thought Breanne was a real steal when I married her. She was the homecoming queen in high school and a cheerleader in college.

Unfortunately, she grew up in a wealthy family that spoiled her rotten.  Since we married she's never done without any material thing she's wanted.

Okay, that's the background.

At work I've got this male friend who always has sex on his mind. Since he does, it seems as if he's mostly doing without.

So one day when I was really frustrated I let it slip about Breanne's complaints. I was simply venting my frustrations by ragging on her.

But, he had met Breanne, and he couldn't understand how any man could neglect someone as beautiful as her. (He would understand if he were married to her!)

Although I I guess I thought I could get him to understand and sympathize, I quickly saw that talking about Breanne and sex in the same sentence made him hot and bothered.

Maybe there's cruel streak in me, but  I started really enjoying taunting him about how Breanne loved sex. Soon, he was almost foaming at the mouth.

To tease him further I talked about all the men she had satisfied before we got married. I said she particularly enjoyed giving guys head. 

Out of a sense of revenge, I started getting off on making her out to be a real slut.

At one point I added the story that she was given the job of cheerleader because she agreed to award players that did extremely well. (She was a cheerleader, and who knows about the rest?)

I soon added that the liked jocks because they were strong and rough and she got off on rough sex.

Although I know all this was wrong, I was sitting on a lot of anger, so I guess I was getting back at her for her months of emasculating comments.

During a weekend party my friend immediately started coming on to Breanne. In fact, they spent a lot of time talking.

I could tell that this would soon develop into something.

When we got home Breanne immediately called my attention to it, saying, "I guess I can make at least one man horny."

 It was at this point that I decided I would really stir up some trouble by working both sides of this street. (If the marriage blew up, I really didn't care. I'd basically had it with her.)

To push things along I started telling Breanne how my friend kept asking about her.

Since by then I was getting pretty good at making up stories. I "let it slip" to Breanne that he was considered a great lover and that women at work were almost lined up to spend a night with him.

And then suddenly a couple things changed.

When I would bring up the subject of Breanne, my fiend he would simply change the subject.

About the same time Breanne stopped complaining about our sex life

At this point I figured it was time to conform my suspicions.

I took an afternoon off and followed Breanne. 

 After stopping a couple places to get things, she went to a motel.

 I waited for about two hours, and then I saw her emerge and get into her car.

After a few more minutes my friend then came out and got in his car and drove away. I got photos of all this with a telephoto lens, complete with time-stamps.

At first I was going to confront her with them, but I counted to ten and decided I would just keep them in case I ever need them.

Breanne is definitely easier to live with now. In fact, when she starts to become overbearing, as she sometimes does, I make it a point to let her know I'm going to be out of town for the day. By the time I get back she seems very relaxed.

Plus, she seems to be a lot nicer to me, probably because of guilt.

Am I worried that she will leave me for him?

No, he couldn't begin to afford a woman with her "upkeep."

So, a situation that had been intolerable was now tolerable.

I could care less that they were having sex; at least they are very careful to keep it hidden.

And there was also something about picturing a very horny guy regularly banging my very pretty and very contentious wife.

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