Dr. West



Totally Messed Up

By Religious Guilt

From e-mail

       From a very early age I was taught that the female body was sinful to look at and that I should look away rather than have sinful feelings.

...Since women represented something sinful, my sexual feelings were soon directed to homosexual experiences, and then to a number of bad sexual perversions, which I don't want to go into.

I fight that battle within myself every day.

...I'm now past middle age and I've never been able to have a relationship with a woman, which means that I've been robbed of the joy of experiencing a family.

At this point things are really a mess and seem to be getting worse. 

I have strong sexual needs, but since I'm also drowning in feelings of sin about them, this whole battle seems like it's getting away from me....

Dr. West replies:

       I would strongly recommend that you see a therapist or mental health professional.

It sounds as if you may still be within the influence of some strong conservative religious views and you don't need to experience any more guilt, therefore, I would urge you to look outside of this influence for your professional help.

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