Text Message Sex

Based on e-mail 

" We type things that we don't' have the courage to say in person. "


My wife of eight years works at home -- home being one of 38 condo units --  entering data for a company.

Rather than telephone calls, we often correspond by text messages when I'm at work because they are less intrusive.

Plus, when we got into sensitive topics like sex we aren't brave enough to face each other in person.

Just so you can picture her, my wife -- we'll call her "Jan" -- is 42, thin as a rail, born in Stockholm, has long blond hair that she generally braids, small breasts, and spooky blue eyes. Spooky because they are so light in color that they almost aren't there. We've been married for 11 years.

To keep in shape Jan works out at the condo gym. That's where she started getting into conversations with Ralph, a young black student, that was staying with his older brother.

I've seen Ralph around, a nice looking guy, although he is a good ten years younger than Jan.

Jan texted me at work saying that she had been talking to Ralph while they worked out. She generally didn't tell me about the people she talked to during the day unless they were special or something was going on.

I typed, I guess he has a thing for you. You ever had a black guy?

She typed back, I've always wondered what it would be like.

Ever look at the black-on-white porn on the Internet?

Yes and Ralph seems like he would be pretty adequate in that department. .

Do you trust him?

I've talked to him a few times; he seems pretty decent.

Use a condom

Long pause. This isn't fantasy is it?

Not unless you want it to be.

Assuming I wanted to, how would you suggest I go about this?

Invite him up for coffee or something and wear that see-through blue blouse you have.

If invited him during the day people around here would notice. Would that be okay with you?


What if after the first time he wants to keep doing it?

If you like it, keep doing it.

So you want me to be like his whore or something.

Only if you want to be.

I don't think he has a girlfriend, so if we got started, he'd probably want to come over every day.

Would that be a problem?

It would be an adjustment.

You can adjust.

Why do you want me to do this?

It would be a new experience for you.

This isn't a fantasy session is it?

You want it to be?


Then it isn't.

So, the blue see-through blouse?

That's the one I would pick.

Okay, you got it.

No, you are going to get it.

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