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One night while my wife and were in bed watching TV our cable went out in the middle of a movie.

A woman had invited this guy to her apartment and it was obvious they would end up in bed. But, of course, you still wanted to see it happen (before they faded out of the scene and you saw them wake up in bed together the next morning).

We waited a while for the cable to come back and when it didn't my wife said, "I guess they ended up in bed." I switched off the TV and asked, "Did you ever meet a guy and end up in bed with him the same night?"

She said, "Isn't that what we did?"

"That's one of the things you aren't supposed to forget, so I quickly asked a question: "Do you miss going out with different guys like you did?"

My wife said, "I have a lot of good memories and some not so good, why?"

"So I guess you liked going to bed with different guys."

"I only went out with guys I was interested in, so 'yes,' before I met you, of course. And don't ask me how many there were."

"How many were there?"

"Not as many as you, I'm sure."

"But, I'm a guy."

"And girls aren't supposed to have as many sexual partners?

"So now that you are married do you get tired of the same sex partner every night?"

"Every night!? Your short-term memory is going! Variety is nice, especially when guys are really turned on and make you feel special."

"But doesn't that pass after a few times with the same guy?"

"Sadly it does."

I said, "So the solution is for women to move on to different guys."

"Many do until they are married. If they wanted to continue after that they couldn't establish a home with kids and all."

Playing the devil's advocate, I said, "But if a woman wants men that are horny, she could be married and get sex on the side."

My wife said, "Except marriage and promiscuity aren't compatible."


"What do you mean, why? Men are possessive, especially when it comes to their women."

I said, "But don't half of married women have affairs?"

"Maybe, but most of the husbands don't know."

"And that makes it okay?"

My wife said, "No, those wives live in fear of being found out and they risk anger, divorce, and occasionally even homicide."

I said, "Seems like the answer would be for the husband to let the wife have affairs."

My wife said, "Most of these sex-on-the-side relationships don't last, and so she risks losing her home, husband, and maybe the father for her children.  And children need a father and a good home to grow up in."

I said, "We don't have children and we don't want any. But you like sex."


I said, "And, I assume, there are some guys you'd like to go to bed with."

She hesitated. "There are movie studs that married women dream of going to bed with, especially when their husbands aren't meeting their needs."

I said, ''We used to have sex a lot more and you are still an attractive woman so I know you get plenty of opportunities. What if I said it was okay?" (My wife is 31, short, a little pudgy, with reddish-blond hair, and a C+ bust.) I added, "And you like sex."

"We were quiet for a while, and then I repeated,  "What if I said it was okay?"

"You mean okay to fuck other guys?"


"If I thought you it wouldn't -- I was sure it wouldn't -- mess up things with us, I would."

"How many guys would you like to go to bed with?"

She avoided that. My wife said. "This woman I know -- I won't give you her name -- had sex with five guys in one night. "They took turns with her and according to her it lasted for hours, but she tends to exaggerate."

"But she was okay with that?"

"She sort of brags about it to some women." My wife thought about it. "A woman would have to be pretty courageous to do something like that, especially with it being filmed."


"Her husband filmed it. It turns him on to keep seeing it."

This was becoming a revealing discussion. "So how did this work, one woman, four guys?"

"In a couple cases she sucked on one guy while another took her from behind. When one of the guys came another one would take his place, so it kind of kept going."

I tried to picture it. "I bet she was pretty sore afterwards."

My wife said, "Not necessarily. Some women, trying to set some sort of a record or something, have taken on a couple hundred guys within a few hours, and afterwards went home and made love to their boyfriends. Women can do that; men can't. Would it turn you on to see guys with me like that?"

I said, "Not a couple hundred. That's not sex, it's a fuckin' endurance contest."

"You didn't answer the question."

I said, "Okay, assuming you were okay with it, yes, I would like to watch those breasts of yours rocking back and forth while guys banged you."

My wife said, "That's a primitive image."

"Sex is primitive. This woman that did this, was she a hag?"

"Actually, a pretty blond. I turned on her husband to watch. Would it turn you on to see different guys with me?"

I said, "In the abstract, but if I was actually there, I'm sure it would be different. Do you envy her, being able to do something like that?"

My wife said, "She said she lost count of the number of times she climaxed."

"I didn't think women could cum over and over again like that. Could you?"

"I've never had the chance to find out."

I asked, "Do different guys feel different inside?"

"They are definitely different when they cum."

"And you like that part?"

"If you discount the mess when they cum, yes, it generally feels good when a guy cums." 

"So I guess her husband isn't the jealous type."

She said, "He would be more apt to get jealous if it kept being the same guy, but five different guys, he wouldn't know where to start."

I was trying to picture the whole thing. "Safety in numbers I guess." Can we see the video?"

"She said we can see it only if we agree to do it too. It's if you tell, we'll tell kind of insurance."

"And these guys would be willing to do this with you?"

My wife looked surprised. This was getting serious. She said, "Given the fact that the guys are young and horny, and I'm considered pretty, I'm sure they would."

"What about your friend's husband; where would he figure in?"

"I guess he could film it like he did with her and join in later."

"If I joined in, that would make it six guys"

My wife said, "If she can do five, I can do six. That would make me one better and snuff out her bragging rights. Would you like to see me take on six guys?"

I said, "Five and your husband."

"That's six."

I looked at her, my pretty little wife, and brushed my hand over my crotch where something was swelling. "You would have to give them all blow jobs."

"To get them started and then restarted, sure, for it to work that would have to be part of it."

I thought of my wife with different cocks in her mouth. I had a definite erection now. Suddenly, I really wanted to see this. "Set it up."

"You sure?"

I said, "I'm pretty sure you'll chicken out."

"If she can do it I can, and one better."

"I wouldn't think that you would want to be fucked by guys you don't know."

"Letting guys I didn't know fuck me would be a new experience."

I said, "A sex slut experience, and maybe you would like to know what different guys feel like -- different sizes, different rhythms. And how many times you could cum with them. What if you found a guy that was better in bed than I am?"

She laughed. "Guys and their egos! If we are just talking about sex, that's very possible. But we, you and I, have a history and there is this thing called love which takes time. I won't have that with any of them."

"So you can love me and still have sex with other men?"

"Women do it all the time. So do men."

"I thought women had to have feelings for a guy before they go to bed with him." I was stalling, but she now seemed determined

She said, "Some women do it just for the experience, because they like sex, or just to prove something."

"Would you want to prove something?"

Instead of answering, my wife asked, "It would be simple for my friend to arrange, but just so you know, once it's set up and everyone agrees, you can't back out."

IWas this just bedroom talk or could she really do it? Maybe this was one of those fleeting opportunities to find out. I said, "I won't chicken out, will you?" It seemed this had now turned into a real game of chicken.

She said, "I can do it, but could you handle it?"

I had been getting turned on thinking about it. "Yes."

She said defiantly. "Okay then, if you are sure, I'll text my friend right now and ask her to set it up, unless, that is, you want to change your mind." She took out her phone and hesitated.

I flashed on an image of my wife sucking on guys' cocks. This was my chance to see her do this! I said, "Set it up."

Once she had sent the text. My wife said her friend typed back. "This will make you a hotwife and your husband will have to buy you a gold ankle chain like mine."

I said, "And I'm sure word about you will get around."

My wife said, "If she can handle it, I can."

My wife probably didn't want to think about the implications of that, so she quickly asked, "So can I pick out my gold ankle chain?"

"Sure, I don't want people thinking you are doing this behind my back."

I studied my wife who now seemed to be lost in thought. It had taken her a long time to give me oral sex the first time, and now she had agreed on suck on multiple cocks in one night! She had gotten very good at it and the guys were going to love it.

This is definitely something I wanted to watch!

And within 10 days I did and I have a video to prove it. But that's a story for another time.

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