The Problem With Your Site

Since we  don't shy away from criticism we'll post excerpts from an email we recently received.

I'm sure you've destroyed many marriages by making adultery seem exciting....

...There are special places reserved in hell for people like you.  

Dr. West replies:

We never suggest or condone adultery and cheating, and we refuse to publish letters that advocate it.

There is far too much pain in the world without adding to it.

Do we publish letters that cover "consensual adultery"? Yes, because consensual "adultery" is just that, mutually consensual. 

The rapid social-sexual change in society aside, pharmaceutical developments such as libido enhancing drugs and sexual disease inhibitors will undoubtedly exacerbate the "problem" you mention. 

Enlightened individuals in an enlightened society must confront and adjust to this reality.

This site does not shy away from views and behaviors that are evident in today's society, even if they are unpopular with some people.

This was the founding purpose of this site and the underlying motivation for most of the letters we publish.

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