My Wife Wondered
What It Would Be Like --


Prostitute For a Night

Rewritten from email

" She said, "I think it was rebellion and the excitement of doing it. Remember, I was brought up in a super-strict Baptist family."


Dr. Weston,

My meeting had run way over the way most conference meetings do, and my wife was supposed to meet me in the hotel bar area.

I stood at the entrance for a moment trying to adjust to the dim light to see if my wife gotten tired of waiting and gone up to our room.

When our eyes met, she motioned for me to stay where I was. She came over she said for me to look at the guy that had been sitting next to her. I saw a well-dressed, older man.

She said, she had been talking to him for some time. He had come over to her, thinking she was a prostitute. He said when he was in town he often met women here.

That wasn't a surprise; most of the men at the conference were the successful moneyed types.

She said the guy she had been talking to had a plane to catch early the next morning and this was his last chance to be with a women before he left.

I could tell she  liked being mistaken for a high-class prostitute and she was secretly wondering if she could pull it off.

The guy looked old enough to be her father, so I wasn't worried about her running off with him. Obviously, it was one of those "now or never" times but letting her do it would open a strange new chapter in our relationship.

" My mind was in a dither. She turned and whispered, 'give me an hour.' " 


I saw her talk to him for a couple minutes, he paid their tab, and they headed for the hotel elevators. 

Suddenly, I knew this was for real.

I took my place in a booth and reluctantly waited.

At various times attractive women hovered by my booth and smiled. I wasn't interested and they soon left me alone. I was thinking about sex, but not with them. I was thinking about that guy in bed with my wife.

As I looked at the women -- one especially was strikingly beautiful -- I thought, Well, if my wife's now a prostitute, at least she's has some very attractive company.

I kept looking at my cell phone. I figured if things went bad, she would text or call me.

As I watched a couple of the women leave with men.  I realized that oral sex would undoubtedly be a part of things. My wife had been reluctant about oral sex, but I figured if she wanted to pull this off she would have to do that too.

True to her word, one-hour and seven minutes later my wife reappeared, pushed a wad of bills in my hand, and said, "Let's go."

"So how was it?"

"Let's talk about it later."

That  night she wanted to talk about it, so I poured myself a large scotch and said okay.

She said, tat when we got to his room she wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. And then he just started taking off her clothes.

She said, she'd  never let a guy she had just met do that before. She said as soon as she was naked he led her to the bed and they started kissing.

After a while she said he wanted oral sex. She said, she knew that's what prostitutes do, so she tried to get into it. He stopped her before he could cum and he started kissing her all over.

That went on for some time and then he reached down and saw she was wet and got on her.  

She said it seemed strange to have a man she hardly knew in her.

She said he kept looking at her saying how beautiful she was.

She said, "He asked me if he felt good, and, of course, I had to say 'yes.' I tried to act like I was enjoying it and soon I felt him cum, and then it was over.  After that we just talked."

" It wasn't bad as I thought it might be. Given my background, it was kind of exciting acting like that kind of a woman." 

I asked her if he was good in bed and she said that he was okay but not as good as me. (Would she have told me if he was far better?)

She said he wanted her to stay the night, but she said she couldn't.

I stayed awake for what seemed like hours, just processing it all and looking at this women beside me -- now "different" in my mind. My wife had just given herself to a man she had met in a bar, just like those other women.

I thought of myself married to one of those women. They were pretty, even beautiful, just like my wife, and now my wife had proven that she could easily be one of them.

Although I know I should be jealous, and I was a bit, but thinking about my wife letting a man fuck her that she just met, gave me an erection. In a strange way this made her more exciting. She seemed excited by it too.

Now, the question is, was this a one-time thing, or did it open the door to excitement she would want to experience again?


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