A Special Birthday Present

Based on e-mail from a wife

" For some time my husband hadn't been able to keep an erection.

But things in the marriage were about to change." 


      We've got a yard guy, Eric, a muscular young black kid who just turned 18.

His father is in prison and his mother works two jobs, so after he finished his yard work one evening Eric took a shower in our pool side shower as he normally does before leaving for home.

My husband had been watching him for the last hour as he did his work outside. I was wondering if my husband's attention revealed some homosexual trait that had hadn't discovered in our eleven year marriage.

My husband said, "I found out from Eric's application that today he's legal. It's his 18th birthday. Maybe you should give him a special present." My husband was gone before he could explain.

 Then I saw my husband hand Eric some bills before he went inside to watch a ball game on TV.

During a commercial break I asked my husband what kind of gift he had in mind for Eric.

He said, "One you both should enjoy."

While my husband watched the game I took Eric out for a birthday dinner, the whole time wondering about the special gift my husband mentioned. Then Eric said something which answered the question.

"Your husband asked me if I knew where the Stagelight Motel was, I didn't' and he said, "My wife does."

Suddenly, some things fell into place. "Before I was married I met a lover at that motel. My husband found out and we had a bit of tiff over it. But that was during time when my husband could more than handle regular sex.

But some health issues intervened and I knew he felt bad about it.

" It probably didn't help that in bed I sometimes reminded my husband "the good 'ol days' in our marriage." 


 After the second or third glass of wine with Eric I started thinking about the Stagelight Motel. It had been a long time since I had been satisfied by a man. I had heard what great lovers blacks were -- at least judging from the porno. The more I thought about it with Eric sitting right in front of me the more turned on I got.

When we were finished, I drove to the Stagelight Motel. I simply said, you are legal now and I can give you a present.

Eric had figured out where this was going and he used the money my husband had given him to register for a room.

Things were pretty awkward for a few moments, but the room was dark and we both knew where this was headed, so things were able to move fast.

Eric was very different than my husband.  His erection was hard and big, and the hour's anticipation meant that I was already wet.

Eric pushed into me farther in than any man had before. It was a whole new feeling. He came rather quickly and he apologized for that.

But it wasn't over, and after watching a little TV Eric was in me again, as hard as ever. This time I was ready for him, he took his time and before long I climaxed -- an amazing release I hadn't felt for a very long time.

We got in the shower and my telephone rang. It was my husband. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay -- are you?"

"Definitely," is all I could say.  "You sure?"

"Very okay."

"Just checking. There's no hurry to get home."

"Okay good."

During our shower I soaped down Eric and gave him blow job. Even for a horny 18 year-old that marked the end of things for one night.

In the car as I was taking him home he asked, "Was this just for my birthday, or can we do it some other time."

I said, "As you  know, we have a guest bedroom."

"So do you want to do it again?"



"Just ask."

"So we can do it again, if I ask?"


"So you likeed it with me."

"Very much."  I had never so boldly admitted such a thing to a man before, nor had I every given a man a free pass for sex.

That night in bed beside my husband  I kept thinking about what it was like with Eric. I was feeling a level of excitement that I hadn't felt in years. My husband had given me a gift as well as Eric.

The next day my husband again asked if the evening  went okay with Eric. With a little more enthusiasm that I intended, I assured him it did. He said, "We don't use our guest bedroom much; maybe it should be used more."

I said, "I'll try to see that it is."

My husband said, "Good."

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