Dr. West


A Simple Sexual

Morality For Today *



The ancient Jewish tribal laws governing sex that were originally adopted by the Catholic Church and then by Protestant churches are no longer seen as relevant in today's society. 

Still, some form of sexual morality is essential for society to function, but one that is relevant to the needs of today's world.*  The following simple guidelines may be helpful.

       The first three are supported to various degrees by existing laws. While the second two may not be, they all relate to responsible sexual morality.

1. Neither person should be coerced or under the influence of a drug (including alcohol).

2. Until STDs such as AIDS become a thing of the past, safe sex measures should be used whenever anyone is not sure of a partner's sexual history. Because a disease such as AIDS can remain dormant for up to a decade, partners wanting to move to unprotected sex, should be tested first.

3. Although pregnancy should not be an issue among today's responsible adults, if birth control measures should fail, both partners should share equally in dealing with subsequent decisions or responsibilities.

4. Sex should not be motivated by hidden agendas, but center in the mutual benefit and satisfaction of both partners. 

5. Sex should never come at the risk of damaging, or breaking up a closed marriage or relationship associated with either partner.

 * Psychologists see this not as abandoning morality but adopting personal moral guidelines based on a post-conventional morality that is more in tune with today's social realities.

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