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Black-on-White Sex and Relationships:



Highlights of Interracial Sex


       Interracial marriage between whites and blacks is repulsive and averse to every sentiment of the pure American spirit.

Georgia Seaborn in 1912, introducing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution forever banning interracial marriages.

The U.S. Supreme Court even supported the ban on interracial sex when it upheld an Alabama law making it a felony for black men and white women to have sex.

Although the "women only" aspect of this law clearly violated equal protection, when it comes to moral beliefs the U.S. Constitution was pushed aside.

During this time the fear of black men making love to white women stirred latent racial hatreds and touched off mob violence in the South.

Seaborn's Constitutional Amendment law didn't pass, and later, all state laws forbidding interracial marriage were deemed unconstitutional.

Attitudes Change with the Times

       In 1958, a poll found that 96 percent of whites disapproved of marriages between blacks and whites.

It didn't help that stories and even drawings of well endowed black men were floating around that some wives secretly took an unusual interest in -- an interest that occasionally translated into black-on-white trysts.

Today, people are used to seeing black-white couples, especially in urban areas, and the most recent poll indicated that most people in the United States have no problem with mixed race marriages.

That's just another example of how quickly what's considered right and wrong can  change. 

In fact, among some white women having a black lover is now considered the "in thing."

This is even true among many white girls in high school.

Today, more than six percent of blacks are married to whites.

This includes many high-profile individuals, including Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.

Forbidden and Hidden,

But Not Historically

       There have been many noted relationships throughout history involving white men and black women.

 President Thomas Jefferson had an attractive black mistress named Sally Hemings, whom he loved.

She bore him several children and while continuing to be married to his white wife.  He even built Hemings her own home on his plantation.

More recently, it was revealed that one of the most vocal and well known opponents to integration in the United States had an affair with a black maid resulting in a child.

However, for the sake of a political career in his conservative state, this fact was kept hidden.

When a White Woman is Involved

       Although it may have been marginally acceptable for a white man like Thomas Jefferson to have a black woman as a lover and mistress, as we've noted, it was far less acceptable for a white woman to have a black lover.

Despite history books commonly ignoring it, this too happened.

       In early U.S. history...more than one aristocratic woman initiated sex with a black slave, especially if her husband was away from the plantation for a period of time.  If caught, the consequences, could be severe, especially for the black slave.

       If the white woman got pregnant, as some did before effective and freely available birth control, they often "went to Europe for a few months to vacation" or would leave "to spend time with relatives." There they gave birth to a mix-race child.

In most cases no one suspected.

During those times such trysts, even if known, were simply "not spoken of."

The Lure of Interracial Sex

Today, the so-called lure of interracial sex is based to some extent on questionable folklore about the physical attributes of black men.

Historically, many white women have thought interracial sex was intriguing, in part because they heard that black men have big penises and superior sexual endurance -- both reputed to be related to female orgasms.

The penis aspect is born out by research that indicates that, overall, black men have somewhat larger penises than white men.

Endurance and muscular status, of course, is related historically to a more physical lifestyle.

When you combine the larger penis size with greater endurance, it's no mystery why some white women experiment with and may subsequently prefer black lovers. ("Once you've had black you won't go back," or some such version of that, is a common refrain.)

The amount of black-on-white internet sex probably has something to do with this appeal too.

Some white, "dead-battery" husbands have been known to encourage their white wives to have affairs with black men, assuming that their marriage is safer with them (a less and less reasonable assumption these days).

Among other things they feel that once a wife has a black lover white men who find out feel they can't compete physically.

The case of "Laura," which is covered in some detail on this site, details not only a black-on-white affair, but the complex interpersonal dynamics that motivated it from the perspectives of the three people involved.

In this section Dr. Weston analyzes some of the motivation for black-on-white sex.

White husbands, black lovers takes up another aspect of this issue.

STD and Race

       It should be noted that as a group, blacks and Hispanics have a significantly higher rate of STD today than the white or Asian population.

It's also worth noting that STDs are more prevalent in the Southern United States.

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