Dr. West



Text Message Courage

A GOS Wife

  Rewritten from a husband's email

I had to spend a few days at an out-of-town convention. So it won't interfere with what we're doing we routinely send text messages to each other.

We sometimes also bring up delicate subjects that we don't have the courage to cover in person.

This particular night I had gone to a hotel bar to unwind right after a day of endless company talks.  I noticed this woman by herself. I didn't think she was a pro, she just seemed to be looking for some casual company.

I got the courage and sat down beside her. She was a middle-aged redhead with a very low cut dress. I don't remember her name. We talked for a while and when the conversation got suggestive, I threw cold water on things by mentioning my wife.

She said that maybe I should have some fun. Guys have no idea how much their wives screw around when they are gone. 

 I didn't take the bait and she finally left.

      >>   My wife later texted me about something and I wrote back that a woman just tried to pick me up. 

She then came back saying that knowing that I was out of town, a guy in the apartment complex, asked her over to his place

I asked her what she said and she typed, I said, 'no', of course.

Since the redhead left I was feeling a bit horny and I boldly texted back: Maybe it would be interesting it you did. [For this I'm translating all the abbreviation symbols we normally use.]

" There was a long pause and she asked: Did you *want* me to? " 

quote bar

I typed, You might enjoy it.

Again she asked: You want me to?

I boldly texted back, Why not join the GOS club, you would be in good company?

I remember that we talked about the wives in the complex that were getting it on the side. They called them GOS wives. My wife seemed fascinated how these women could handle multiple men.  I was impressed at how attractive many of these women were.

My wife texted back, Are you feeling guilty about something *you* did?

I didn't do anything, but you can.

You drunk?

Cold sober.

Again, there was a long pause and she typed: I'm saving these messages, so you can't claim you didn't say this stuff.

      >>   That night I kept fantasizing about some guy banging my willing wife. I knew that once men found out she was the kind of wife who got it on the side, they would be after her.

It must have been 4 a.m. when I finally fell asleep. 

When I woke up at about 7:00, the first thing I did was check my phone.  Three was just one message: I'm officially a GOS wife!!  If he calls again and wants to see me what should I tell him?

Wow, it had happened! Did you like it?

There was a pause. It was kind of exciting.

Then do it.

He's young and horny. How often?

I typed: Keep him happy.

She replied: What does that mean?

Simple. Just don't say 'no' when he wants it. 

Long pause. I know how to keep him happy. 

 At least she wasn't hiding it from a husband like so many wives. Without losing her I wanted her to enjoy it as much as she wanted. 

Other men around the complex knew or at least suspected that their wives were getting it on the side.

Could I handle it? Would it affect our marriage?

 Now when we have sex she seems looser and  wet, even without foreplay. That's a definite plus.


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