Ma and What Is

Introduction - Part II

Ma was born in a culture that was seeped in ancient religions and so people put a strong religious spin on the things she did. That's the only way they could explain someone like her.

But the "God" Ma talked about is not "some stern guy up there" concept, but a singular, omniscient, impersonal consciousness.

One person who spent time with Ma said this about her:

" In the course of my search and travels I have had the privilege to closely approach quite a few extraordinary beings - Tibetans, Sufis, Hindu gurus and Zen masters, many of whom left a deep imprint in my heart....

Anandamayi Ma was and remains the embodiment of transcendence, the living proof of the actual existence of a transcendental reality. 'Extraordinary,' 'superhuman,' 'divine'... I still feel today that no adjective is big enough to describe her presence, particularly when I met her in the full blossom of her radiance.

I could barely believe that such a being could walk the earth in a human form."

-Arnaud Desjardins

By the way, Ma didn't try to start any religious movement or even act as anyone's guru. She said that people should stick to whatever religious belief they have grown comfortable with.

Even though she was illiterate, from some inner knowledge she was intimately familiar with the people and precepts of many religions.

When she took part in religious ceremonies of various sects, she could recite in detail the things that were part of their rituals. This was just one of her many inexplicable abilities.

She saw the core issue with religions as not the superiority of one over another but people's inability of people to stay focused on the precepts of their particular religion.

Ma chose to live in the most humble -- we might even say primitive -- conditions. She typically slept on a simple cot or mat, supposedly without even a pillow.

With this introduction out of the way, let's move into the real story.

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