Sexually Liberated Women


No Longer in

The Dark Ages


Rewritten from a woman's email

         How a woman (or a man) responds in sex is a big part of getting to know them. If there are problems in the bedroom, they'll probably be problems in the marriage.

" Plus, if you aren't interested in sex, today's men something is wrong with you -- you have some sexual disease, or you've got major hang-ups about sex, or whatever."


The idea of waiting until after marriage to find out if a you are sexually compatible with someone is ridiculous.

Then it's too late and you are stuck with what you have.

I know of "old fashioned" women who waited, only to find out that there new husband had a "performance problem," and they faced a divorce or a life of sexual frustration. 

I imagine it's no different for men who end up with a "cold fish" in bed.

We no longer live in the dark ages where women just have to take a chance and then maybe have to suffer out the consequences for the rest of their married lives. We've got choices. And, of course. men do too.

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