Interracial Weekends

Ally, a woman where I work, often comes in on Monday mornings looking pretty well used.

This one Friday when we were getting off work l saw this buff black guy pick her up. It was rather clear that they were more than casual friends.

Ally is white, married, in her 30s, and this guy definitely wasn't her husband.

The next time I had the chance I asked her, "So who was the black guy that picked you up on Friday?"

"My weekend date."

She saw the look on my face. "My husband got me into seeing him on weekends when he's not home."

She saw that this needed far more of an explanation. "My husband likes to spend some weekends with guys at the lake . They fish, hunt, talk business, and stuff."

"I'm invited, but it's totally a guy-thing so my husband introduced me to Jerold, a black guy he works with, who my husband noticed had kind of a thing for me.

My husband had seen him in the shower and I guess he thought this guy would do it for me, which he does.

I was amazed. "So you spend weekends with this guy?"

"A lot of them. The way it started was this one Saturday my husband called me from the lake and said fishing was exceptionally good and they wanted to spend the whole weekend there."

Jerald and I had been talking since he introduced us, and I guess my husband felt guilty that he would be dumping me so he asked if it would be okay if he called Jerold to come over and the two of us could watch movies or whatever.

After a long, late evening of movies, wine and pizza Jerold ended up spending the night.

"My husband found out, but rather than going ballistic, he suggested that Jerold  come over on more weekends. Gerald is big and he can really keep going, and that what it Weekend Interracial 1takes for me, if you know what I mean."

Sometimes, Gerald's younger brother comes along with a date.

That was a bit too much information. I decided it was time to get back to work.

Back at my desk I kept thinking about that conversation. That would explain why Ally looked so used, but strangely happy when she came in on some Mondays. 

I had given up on trying to get my husband to take time with me and consequently I hadn't had a genuine orgasm in months, if not years.

My husband would get off and he assumed that did it for me too. But it just left me more frustrated.

I made a rather rash decision and called Ally back. "Do you ever invite friends along on your weekends?"

"We could invite Jerold's brother, Terry, I could have him come by after work to meet you."

"Tell me about him."

"He's a nice kid. Horny to a fault, like most kids his age.  You would be very sore on Monday morning."

"Better sore than neglected."

"You wouldn't be neglected, he definitely likes white women."

This was one of those 'now or never' situations where if I missed it I would forever look back on it as a missed opportunity. I already had too many of those.

I said, "I'll tell my husband that I'm going out of town with you, which would be true."

She said, "Great, I'll set it up and we all can meet up in the parking lot after work."

PS: Now, Ally and I both drag into work on a lot of Mondays looking well used but sated. The feeling stays with me most of the week and then I find myself looking forward to another weekend with my horny lover.


Ally says I have become a black cock slut. She even bought me a t-shirt that says as much.

After years of being married I've finally discovered what good sex is all about.

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