Dr. West

If In Doubt, Don't

By Dr. David Weston

"Sexual exclusivity has been a part of our history for so long thatpeople view it as synonymous with love. "

We've gotten e-mail from both men and women asking whether they should try the swinging, hotwife or open marriage lifestyles.

They sometimes bring up the fact that at least 20 U.S. Presidents, had mistresses, (although this bit of history is typically omitted from school textbooks).

In the case of Sally Hemings, a black slave, (artist's interpretation here) six of her children were reportedly fathered by Thomas Jefferson, a founding father of the United States and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.

The news media of the day were generally aware of these affairs, but until Ken Starr (R) saw a political advantage in putting the tryst of Bill Clinton (D) on the front pages of mainstream newspapers, these things were largely ignored by the mainstream press.

Even though possessiveness and jealousy seem to necessitate a "pound of flesh" response most of these people were able to rise above this,get on with their lives, and even make major positive contributions to society.

This did not mean that major hurt and marital discord didn't result.  We are still bound by our beliefs and love is sometimesnot strong enough to withstand the consequences of affairs.

But those who are ruled by their egos and a need for retribution often regret it.

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