Brief Background

Recognizing the directions of social-sexual change more than a decade ago the founders of this site saw a need to address the issues that these changes would introduce.

It was about that time that the term, hotwife, was introduced in the letters we received. While not our choice in terms, there seemed to be a general understanding of what the term meant.

Many of our letters are from wives and the husbands of wives that want to experience sex outside of the limitations of marriage--especially when sex within that relationship has dwindled or even ceased.

You will note that illustrations are now included. We have generally opted for drawings, which, given the subject matter, seem more acceptable to a wide assortment of readers.

Black-white relationships

Since this site was established several decades ago, black-on-white sexual relationships, have become a significant social factor, especially among women. peggy photoWe now deal with this in some detail.

We generally rewrite letters for style and brevity. To protect the writers we change names and take out identifying characteristics.

Although we try not to change the intent of letters, for the sake of readability we sometimes rewrite or append quotes.

Until we catch up on submissions, we aren't accepting new letters.

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