Noises From

The Next Apartment

" Each time we heard them it was a painful remainder for me, and especially my wife, that our bedroom life was not what it used to be."


Condensed from e-mail

For several months my wife and I had been listening through the bedroom wall to the guy next door banging his girlfriends. 

I don't want to even describe the noises they made, except they were loud, especially when they climaxed.

There was no sleeping until it was over, which was generally very late.

      >>   One night after it had started up, I asked my wife if she ever wished if she was getting banged like that.

Without directly answering, she said that he must be good, the girls keep coming back.

As we listened to the girl get to a noisy climax I said to my wife that maybe she should ask him how he does it, and then she teasingly added, "Or get him to demonstrate."

" I said, 'Admit it, you would like to know what it would be like with him ' "


Later that night we heard it start up again. She took hold of my penis and asked if I would be jealous if I knew that was her over there.

I said, "Maybe, but you wouldn't have to listen to that every night and be jealous of those girls."

She said, "But then you would be jealous."

I tried to think of my wife over there getting banged and making the noises we were hearing. I started to get an erection.  She felt it. "What are you thinking about?"

"What it would be like knowing it was you over there and not one of those girls."

"Would that turn you on?"

She could feel my answer in her hand.

She said, "We used to do it most every night, if you'll remember."

I didn't need to be reminded.

For the next week or so I thought about it.

 I knew when the guy got home from work, so made it a point to meet him outside his door.

Strangely, although we lived next to each other, we had never met. 

I discovered pretty quick that the guy was a buff, full-of-himself type -- the kind of guy that probably spent hours in a gym. 

After a bit of chit-chat I said, "The walls are very thin; my wife is jealous of your lovemaking."

"Sorry, we try to be quiet but you can hear a clock ticking through these walls."

As we continued talking he said he needed the sex but after a month or so the girls wanted to get serious. 

I said, "And I guess you don't."

"Hell no, I've been down that road and I'm still paying for it; every fucking month I pay for it." 

He motioned to his waist and asked if my wife was the one with the very long brunette hair. 

I decided that this guy was no threat to our relationship. I boldly said, "Tell her you love her hair and she's yours for a couple of hours."

He waited for me to turn it into a joke or add some qualifications. I didn't. "You serious?"

"Just to borrow, and you can make all the noise you want."

He considered it for a bit. "If you are serious, have her come over about 7:00 tonight and we'll get to know each other."

We went into our respective apartments and when my wife got home I said, "I have a date for you with the guy next door."

She said, "What do you mean, a date?"

"So he can get to know each other. He's expecting you in an hour."

"For what?"

"Talking, and whatever else. And you can make all the noise you want."

" She narrowed her eyes, 'You really would like to listen wouldn't you?' "


I said, "We've been listening long enough; maybe it's time for you to be part of the action."

 "And you want me, your wife, to be part of his action?"

"And your action too. Admit it, you've been wondering what it would be like."

"What are you thinking about here -- friends-with-benefits?"


"And you would rather hear me over there than one of those girls?"

"And I think you would like to be the one making those noises."

After supper I had her change into a sexy dress sans bra.  I was getting turned on thinking of her going over there like that...sending a clear, "I'm available," message.

Lest she chicken out, at 7:00 I walked her to his door, pushed the door bell and walked away.

         I listened at the wall for almost an hour. I heard them talking, but they were in the living room away from the wall and I couldn't make out what they were saying. 

Finally. their voices shifted to what I had learned was the bedroom and I heard giggling form my wife and I thought, I guess the talking part is over.

I heard the bed squeak several times over the next 15 minutes like they were shifting positions and apparently into making out. 

Before long the familiar noises started, but this time the woman was my wife.

It went on for some time, just as it usually does with his dates.

I wanted her to enjoy it -- I wanted both of them to enjoy it.

Then I started hearing her encouraging him and it got louder until I heard the unmistakable "ahhh" from him that signaled his climax.

It was only then that I fully realized that another man -- and I didn't even remember his name -- had shot his load into my wife.

As soon as she got back, she said, "I had to leave; he has someone coming over."

I said, "Does he have anything left for her?"

"I'm sure he does. So, I guess you could you hear it."

"Yes, but did you make it?."

"No, he said next time I could stay longer and he would see that I came -- at least once. The guy is pretty confident in his abilities."

"I figured that when I talked to him. So did you like it?"

" ' He's strong and he's big, I can see why....'  She stopped. 'Sorry. I guess I shouldn't be saying stuff like that to you.' "


There was a long pause.  He wants me to come over tomorrow night....and stay longer.

There was an awkward moment and she lamely added that she hoped they hadn't made too much noise.

I said that I would like to hear both of them make a lot of noise.  "Tell him when he wants to borrow you to just knock on the door"

"Jez, just knock on the door!? What kind of a ...."

I interrupted, "Would your rather hear some other girl over there getting the action?"

"No, I'm getting really tired of hearing that, but even assuming we got this friends-with-benefits thing going, what if we still hear other girls over there."

"If you keep him satisfied he wouldn't need to look elsewhere.".

"Satisfied?  That guy does some girl every night and twice on Sunday."

"Like you said, we used to do every night -- unless you are no longer up for that much action."

She reacted, "Just because we don't do it that often any more doesn't mean I'm not capable of it."

"Let's see."

Later that night her cell phone rang. She started with, "Oh, hi," and ended with, "Give me a couple minutes." She looked at me.  "I'll be back in a while."

About 40 minutes later the room started to shake as his bed rocked. I heard my wife loudly encouraging him. If she trying to make me jealous, I didn't work; I felt like cheering for him. 

Then I heard the noises she makes when she she's building to a climax, except much louder. I wasn't sure if this was real. Maybe she was trying to compete with the other women.

Not too long after that I ran into him outside.  After a few awkward moments he said, "Your wife says I just have to call and she will come over."

I nodded. "What's your secret with the women?"

He shrugged, "No secret. I'm big and I can go a long time, which means they generally cum before I do. So how often can I....?"

I said, "Whenever, and you don't have to wine and dine her like other girls. She's already married and on the pill, so you don't have to worry about any of that."

"And this is really okay with you?"

"Keep her satisfied -- more than satisfied, if you are up to it."

He considered if. "Can she come over tonight about 10?" 

"I'll ask her."

At 10:00 she left for his place. 

At 10:45 the room was shaking and I heard the sounds of my wife heading toward a climax. The way the room was shaking he must have really been banging her.

Then I heard her loudly climax, and then him.

 And then so did I. 

At 11:50 she was in bed beside me. She said, "I can see why those women keep coming back."

 By midnight she was asleep.

Maybe now my wife won't have to listen to some other girl getting off every night.

And I won't have to hear her subtle complaints about our sex life.

Plus, I love hearing my wife climax, even it it's with another man.

I don't worry that she'll run off with him, she instantly picked up on the fact that he's totally full of himself and I know she can't stand people like that. 

So what it comes down to is that they are using each other to get off and nobody, including me, is complaining.

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