Dr. West  





Been There, Done That, But... 

      My wife and I started reading about open relationships four years ago.

We were bored with our daily routine, so in an effort to add some excitement to things we tried it.

We met some interesting people.  Some sought intimacy with new people or wanted to make new friends. Most seemed simply motivated by wanting new sexual experiences.

Although it's assumed that it's just men that are into this, we found that just as many women were into these experiences.

       For us, the excitement of it all soon wore off.

Even so, we continued.

It didn't get better with time; in fact, it just started to get socially tedious and complicated. Plus there was always the worry about sexual infections from those who weren't as careful as we were.

       Finally, we had to admit that all this was not getting us what we were looking for.

So, I guess we can say we've "been there and done that" and ultimately found it disappointing.

 We definitely learned a lot about each other and other people -- good and bad -- so I guess we don't regret it. Maybe it was something we needed to experience to find out.

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