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Everything Desirable and Sacred

Condensed from email 

...You people are trying to destroy everything good about marriage and relationships.

...Don't marriage and healthy relationships  have enough problems with social media and it's hook-up culture without people like you piling on additional temptations?

...You should be helping things rather than tearing down everything that's desirable and sacred in relationships.

Reply from Dr. Lee

As we've repeatedly said, if you have genuinely good relationship, don't risk it by opening it.

It may work; it may not; but it's probably not worth the risk.

But in this day when even The New York Times is running articles on open marriages, we feel there is a place for this site.

Some of the letters we've received have claimed that the ideas and experiences here have kept their relationships together -- sometimes long enough to test some form of an open marriage and conclude that a closed marriage is better.

In an era when about half of all marriages fail, and considering the pain and hardships that result, especially when children are involved, we feel that any possible solution is worth considering.

See If In Doubt, Don't.

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