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Going Beyond Sex



" Didn't someone say with sex, 'You can't go around it, you have to go through it.' 

I guess my wife and I had had to go through it to get beyond it." 



        I'm glad to see that in addition to the porno-type letters on your site there is some responsible, "advanced" thinking.

Yes, I know the comments by Dr. Weston and Dr. Weston provide some responsible insights into many of your letters, but I'm talking about those experiences of readers that go beyond sex.

         It wasn't that long ago that I was captivated by porn. I finally realized that people coupling in a multitude of improbable ways didn't add much to my life. But, then again, I guess the stuff was useful in getting me to realize that.

I won't go into all the things my wife and I did; that would just be another porno letter. 

 However, when we started getting tired of it all, we had something like spiritual experiences. 

 They weren't "religious," and they weren't as intense as what's on your site, but they were clear and they seemed to be tailored to our needs at that time. 

If this just happened to me, I would have  dismissed it as imagination, but when the same thing happened to my wife at the same time, we had to take notice.

Personally, after all of the sexual "adventures" I'd had, I didn't know how I rated a truly spiritual experience, but I guess when you are ready it doesn't make any difference.

I won't try to explain this because I know it wouldn't be meaningful to anyone else, but I will say that in each case someone linked to Vedanta* beliefs was involved and in each case it stirred something very deep within us.

I personally believe religions, in general, do more harm than good, but if you like that sort of thing you might at least consider one that hasn't been screwed up by people with their own causes.

It's probably good that its an Eastern one because I've gotten pretty hostile toward organized religion in the West.

         What was really the last straw for both of us as Catholics was the Catholic Cardinal who officiated at a mass for the late Auguesto Pinochet. For those who don't know, under his rule tens of thousands of political opponents were executed, tortured, or "disappeared." 

So what did the Cardinal talk about?  The "incredibly shameful behavior" of Madonna at her concert and the resulting "offense to God."

And if that wasn't enough, we have the pronouncement by the Pope [at that time] that condoms promote AIDS when every sane organization in the world, including the CDC, has clear evidence to the contrary.

* Most religions have roots in Vedanta, considered the oldest and purest religion. One of the most famous adherents to this belief system was J. Robert Oppenheimer, theoretical physicist and director of the Manhattan Project, which produced the atomic bomb. As a result of his work on the atomic bomb, he subsequently quoted the Bhagavad Gita: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."


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