Fuck Buddy

Condensed from email

" My husband likes to think of me as 'easy.' I'm not and never have been but we have this game where he gets me to say I like to fuck guys and that turns us both on. "


My husband prefers morning sex when he can easily get an erection.

It's not easy to get me to cum, and this particular morning he had spent a long time getting me close. Putting it terms of a mountain, I was about 4/5ths of the way up when the doorbell chimed.

Of course, that interrupted things and left me hanging.

He had requested a plumber to check the hot water heater and had forgotten the guy was supposed to come early in that morning.  

He let the guy in -- a black guy -- and I jumped out of bed and grabbed my terrycloth robe.

Our hot water heater is in a little external enclosure near the bedroom. It was put there to have quick hot water, but lately the water wasn't all that hot.

My husband talked to him for a bit and led him to the external enclosure near our bedroom.

He pulled my robe away and said, "You won't need that, leaving me standing naked in the middle of the bedroom. We've got that reflective sheeting over the glass in the house and you can only see in if there are strong lights on inside.

My husband is proud of my body -- if nothing else I have big tits -- and he held me where the guy could see me if he happened to look and could see through the heat-reflective coating.

I pulled away and jumped back into bed.

My husband left for work and I heard the guy working in the hot water area.

You've got to realize that when I get close to coming and don't, I feel antsy for a long time.  It's not a good feeling.

I complained to my husband before he left and he just nodded outside and said, "Maybe he can fix that."

Playing Promiscuous

There's something else you need to know. My husband likes to think me as "easy." I'm not and never have been but we have this game where he gets me to say I like to fuck guys.

He likes to hear me say it and I get turned on acting like I'm promiscuous. (I grew up a puritanical family and this is a bit of a release.)

Lately, when we're making love, my husband has been talking about how I would love feeling a big black cock in me. (He watches a lot of porno.)

I'm not sure I would, but I do think of a particular black athlete when he talks about it.

To get back to my story, I was feeling horny and frustrated, which for me is a bad combination. And my husband knew it and he seemed to be enjoying the situation.

When the guy finished up -- I later found out his name was Tom -- he said all he had to do it adjust the internal thermostat. A temporary fix; we'd soon need a new water heater.

I got out of bed and turned on the reading lamp by the bed so I would be visible through the reflecting sliding door sheeting. It was a ballsey thing to do but I was feeling frustrated, neglected, and pissed at my husband for leaving me the way he did.

When I heard the door chimes I grabbed my robe, but didn't completely close the sash. I was spilling out of the top and I knew it.

I let the guy in. and asked if he would like a cup of coffee. He looked at my breasts and said, that would be good.

I was nervous; I had never done this around a guy I didn't really know. And it had been a long time since I had a lover other than my husband.

When I got the coffee I bent over the kitchen divider. I saw him looking and I boldly said, "Do you like what you see?'

"Very much."

I took one of his hands and put it a breast. His hand was rough.

 I had reached a point of no return and my only fear was that he would stop things. I said, "I've never had a black lover before."

"Do you want to?"

I thought what my husband had said, "Maybe he can fix you up." I wasn't about to reverse course now. "Yes."

I was wet from what my husband started, plus thinking about this opportunity, so I pulled him into the bedroom and spread-eagled myself on the top of the bed. Permission doesn't get much clearer than that and I wanted to make sure this happened.

He hesitated and for the moment and I had the awful feeling that he was going to decide to leave. After hesitating for a while, he undressed and got on me.

In a few minutes he pushed up into me. I had never felt a cock that big or strong. 

"You feel good."

"You are on the pill, aren't you?"

"Yes, you can cum in me if you want."

He said, "I already had sex this morning, so it may take a while."

"That's okay, I'm about to cum, but be prepared, I make a lot of noise."

At this point the trip up the rest of the mountain for me was comparatively rapid

 My release was nothing short of cataclysmic.

Afterwards, he said, "I'm sorry but if I don't get back or I'll get fired.

I was still tingling all over from my climax.

 I wrote down my cell number and said all he had to do is call. I was really committing myself at this point but I didn't care.

He left and I soon fell asleep. When I woke up I tided up the house and then I went back to bed to think.

I had done it and there was no reversing that. In a strange way I felt proud of myself.  I kept reviewing what I had done.  For years while other girls were having sex I had saved myself. But for what? 

Clearly my husband didn't value my sacrifice; in fact he would have preferred a more adventurous, easy, and more sexually exciting woman, which until today I wasn't.

I kept reviewing what we had done and  going over my husband's words, Maybe he can fix you up. That sounded like permission to me.

Suddenly it was 5:45 and I heard my husband come in. I hadn't taken time to make the bed which I always do.

He looked around the bedroom and right away figured what had happened.

He said, "I guess supper isn't ready."

I quickly suggested going out.  For one thing, if things blew up it would be safer in some public place. I had been totally caught and I had no idea what to expect.

Finally he said, "Getting you to climax is getting to be a bit of a chore. I guess the guy did me a favor."

Relieved that my husband didn't scream at me for what I had done, and feeling a sense of victory and relief, I was now feeling pretty bold "

 "So can I do it again?"

He thought about it. "I don't want to meet him in the house, and take a shower afterwards."

"No problem."

"Finally, he said, "You enjoyed it didn't you?"

I had to be honest. "Yes."

He smiled, "I thought you would."

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