Freedom With
Responsibility Code™

By adhering to the following five precepts, this site conforms to the Freedom With Responsibility Code™

1. If the site is sponsored or underwritten by an organization or institution for the purpose of furthering commercial, political, or religious goals, this will be made clear to the reader.

2. Taken as a whole, the site cannot aim to debase, malign or vilify any race, nationality, sex, sexual preference, religious or political group.

3. Apart from obvious parity, the site cannot espouse information generally known to be false or misleading.

4. Content considered to be violent or sexual in nature cannot portray or espouse practices generally considered to be pathological or sociopathic in nature.

5. The site will not use techniques intended to gather or relay personal information from users.

The Freedom With Responsibility Code™ is voluntary and non-commercial in nature. If you are interested, this site has more information.

Freedom With Responsibility Code 

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