For some time Dr. Kinsey's research on the female sex drive was repressed by conservative factions.


The Female Sex Drive

From email

I realize all women are not the same, just as men aren't, but, still, there are some pretty mixed and contradictory ideas being published about the female sex drive.

Much of it contradicts my own experience.

I take exception to those studies that women must feel emotionally involved before they will crawl into bed with you.

I wish I could say I'm some kind of a "hunk" that's easy to fall for, but, alas, I'm a very average guy -- not rich, not handsome, none of that.

I've found that most women my age (25 and up) can be just as aggressive about sex as men.

The last woman I had over simply refused to leave until the next morning.

Of course, this contradicts much of the research which seems to be mostly based on written responses to questionnaires (where, of course, women wouldn't dare fudge answers toward "respectability"!)

I also find it interesting that the scores of women teachers that have been caught having trysts with underage male students.  According to some reports it was the teacher that initiated things.

See this file on female teachers that have been caught having sex with underage male students. You will note that most of them are quite attractive and would seem to have other options.

Sure, I realize that much of it may be due to proximity and familiarity, but, still, it would seem that it's not just guys that suffer from "raging hormones."

Dr. West responds.

True, there is conflicting information on female sexual desire, and, as the saying goes, "it depends."

Among other things it depends on the past sexual experience of the woman, the man, her time of the month, hormone levels, and about a dozen other things -- most of which can't be quantified.

Many women claim they can do without sex. And some apparently can.

Are there women who feel a need for sex?

Yes, once they experience good sex and despite the long history of anti-sex views, (primarily historically imposed by a male clergy) many women can feel a regular need for sex.

Reaching a climax can reduce stress, and there is evidence that women that have regular sex are happier, healthier, and even live longer.

And, finally, there is this.

Today, thanks to the media, women know what good sex is all about. The days have passed when wives "had to make do" with whatever their marriage provided.

This site was founded on the fact that like no time in history women, even married women, have options today and are exploring them.