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The hotwife and cuckold behaviors are consistent with some evolutionary forces.


Evolution Theories

Supporting Hotwives

and Cuckold Husbands

" This may have been a very early form of family life insurance."


By Dr. Ronny West          

Although other explanations for the wife-with-another-man fantasy are detailed elsewhere, a professional colleague has advanced theories which he says are supported by historic evidence. 

He says that in some very early cultures a husband would get another man to mate with "his woman" so that if he died the man would assume responsibility for his family. 

In those days tribal battles, disease, etc., sent most men to their graves at a relatively early age. In many societies if a male made it past age 30, he was lucky. 

Without a provider and protector to look after them his wife and young children might be doomed.

           Families that survived were most apt to incorporate certain sexual views.

" Factors in DNA that are harmful or counterproductive to the welfare of the species soon die out. "


In early history people from the same area also tended to intermarry, which over time resulted in genetic problems.

Often, a woman would be attracted to and have sex with a man that was passing through from another town or geographic area. This resulted in an enrichment of the gene pool.

Although we may be many thousands of years away from those days, since at one point it contributed to survival, our DNA or collective unconscious apparently still holds these evolutionary factors.

The Origin of Cuckold Husbands

We've noticed that many cuckold husbands picture their wives having affairs with strong, virile, well-endowed men.

At the same time, the female talent for seducing desirable men seems to be innate, along with their attraction to genetically different and physically superior males. 

" In modern history the female desire for sex has been underplayed and suppressed. "

Wife With Another

Man Fantasy

Anthropological research suggests that very early womankind commonly had sex with multiple partners. Compared to other mammals, she was physically available for sex for longer periods in her estrus cycle -- in fact, almost always.

Thus, males were not drawn to her for a limited time -- but, in effect, all the time. That enabled her to keep men around for food and protection. 

Female Sexual Attractiveness

The female breasts tend to be significantly larger than those of other mammals -- to attract males.

The male penis is also larger, which probably evolved to attract sexual partners, especially when loincloths were the common male covering. 

Black-On-White Sex

It wasn't long ago that black-on-white sex was a bit of an anathema among white people.

However, this has changed, in part because of the folklore about the virility of black lovers (aided by the popularity of black-on-white porno).

This starts with girls in high school or earlier where a white girl having a desirable black boyfriend can be an "in" thing.

For white girls this may stem from social rebellion, the folklore about black lovers, the desire of black males to pursue white girls -- or some combination of all three. 

Older, married women may eventually become frustrated with the lack of sexual interest on the part of their white husbands and try a black lover -- sometimes one that has been recommended by a white woman friend. 

According to one white wife, "A woman friend talked me into  it. The first couple times were strange. But once I  started climaxing and found out what I had been missing, I found myself looking forward to meeting him. He's got me doing things I didn't do with my husband. The fact that it's somewhat forbidden adds to the excitement."

It used to be that white husbands didn't worry about their wives falling for black lovers and destroying their marriages because, there were few black-white relationships and marriages.  That has, of course, changed.

New vs. Old Lovers

Biological studies indicate that women are more apt to get pregnant with a new lover than with a familiar one.

Possibly not unrelated, some husbands have a desire to set their wives (hotwives) up with different men -- thus, representing a different set of genes.

Have we left all this ancient history behind?

Definitely not.

Look in women's magazines and you will see millions of dollars in advertising aimed at making women more desirable and seductive. 

Even after she is married, she remains interested in her sex appeal and (although she might not admit it) getting the attention of men.

From the male's perspective the fact that his wife or girlfriend is attractive and sexually desirable to other men also adds to his status.

The Concept of 

Sexual Exclusivity 

Over the centuries the concept of sexual exclusivity grew out of cultural and religious beliefs that wives were the property of their husbands. Plus, before effective birth control, the husband's desire to know that children were his was understandable.

However, when "the pill" appeared more than fifty years ago the risk of children that weren't the husband's could drop to near zero. The primary risk in extramarital sex likewise diminished.

The Religious Dilemma

In part to insure the continuation of that extramarital "risk." the largest and most influential church -- the Catholic Church -- deemed effective birth control a sin -- a "sin" that today is routinely ignored by the majority of Catholics.

History shows that when a religious "sin" is shown to be ignored or counterproductive, these rules change, albeit very slowly.

In the Catholic Church this has unofficially started with the use of condoms, which, in third-world countries, are the main defense against sexual disease.

This is especially true with the Zika virus, which can originate with a mosquito bite and thereafter be spread through unprotected sexual activity, even in totally monogamous marriages.  

Sexual Exclusivity

Clearly, by mandating that the husband and wife maintain an exclusive sexual relationship, families have a much better chance of staying together and providing a stable environment for children.

However, as we've seen, some of the forces of evolution are in conflict with this idea. 

Can women have it both ways?  Possibly.

Our genetic history shows that women first search for a stable partner to establish a home and then may seek transient sexual experiences.

Even so, for the most part enculturation still demands  fidelity in a marriage and this is violated at the peril of the parties involved.

However, with the emergence of open marriages and the cuckold, stag and hotwife behaviors we see indications of change on the horizon.

We may be approaching the time when occasional partner variety within marriages becomes accepted.

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