Everyone Carrying

Guns These Days

Condensed from a woman's email
I  'm, 19, a white woman, and in trying to do a good deed I got myself into a scary mess.

I was walking home from my night class through a dark shortcut that I sometimes take when I'm in a hurry. It was about 10:30, and I heard a woman nearby pleading to be left alone.

She looked to be a student about my age, but black. There were three gang-bangers blocking her path, laughing and loudly saying totally lurid sexual things to her. At night the area is mostly deserted.  The street lights were shot out long ago.

I generally take a safer route at night but I was tired from lack of sleep, I had a test the next morning, and I just needed to get to my apartment and crash.

When I caught up to the woman I saw that the gang-bangers were blocking her from getting away. Every time she tried to bolt they quickly blocked her and laughed. She had become hysterical.

When one of the guys saw me he said, "Nothin' to see here, bitch, move on."

I went over to the girl. "You want me to walk you to your place?"

One of the guys stepped in my face. "Like hell, we got plans for that one."

I rather foolishly moved between her and her tormentor.

He lifted his shirt to show me a gun in his belt.  It was legal to openly carry a gun, so he figured he could threaten me just by showing it.

I shrank back momentary. He was pleased. He grabbed his crotch. "You move on lady unless you want in on the action. One of the other guys said, "I hear white chicks like black cocks." That got hoots from the other guys. I didn't say anything.  One of the guys said, "Or maybe you would prefer to take on all three of us?"

Another guy said, "Sure, we can take turns with her."

I glanced around and could see no one else foolish enough to be in the area at that time of the night.

The gun-totting gang-banger said, "You want to see what a real man looks like?" He started unzipping his fly and the other guys started hooting. He was winning this and he knew it. He grabbed my wrist and tried to push me down in front of him. "Get down bitch and get to work."

I immediately twisted free, just as I had been taught in my self-defense class. My escape was so fast and unexpected that he switched this up to a new level of  determination.

Since he easily had one-hundred pounds on me, plus a gun, I knew that trying to fight with him would not end well. The black girl, who was now being restrained by one of the men, said, "Leave her alone, she was just trying to help." The guy was now fishing out his penis. It was clear where this was going.

Before he could get his mind off of what he was attempting to do, I hauled back a leg as if I was getting ready for a 50-yard field goal and landed my foot squarely between his legs. I put so much effort into it that I landed on my ass.

For a moment with me on the ground in front of everyone, I thought it was all over, but then I saw the guy on the ground beside me doubled up in pain.

I surprised myself by grabbing the gun out of his belt and aiming at a guy that was now moving toward me.

Fortunately, this guy froze.  I waved the gun around like the crazed woman that I was right then. The guys scattered.

I dragged the black girl with me to the campus police station to make a report. It became clear that she didn't trust police so I handled things. Fearing retaliation, she wouldn't give names or descriptions of the guys. Without the gun I had as evidence they may have dismissed the whole thing.

After a 20-minute lecture on sticking to well-lit areas at night, during which time I kept repeating that they should fix the damned streetlights before they got sued, they had us sign some forms and took us home.

You may think this equals a happy ending. Maybe not.

I had totally humiliated the guy in front of his gang-bang friends and I'm sure word got around pretty quick that he had been bested by a 98-pound white girl. (I'm not really 98-pounds, but let's leave it at that.)

I'm also sure he has another gun by now -- they are ridiculously easy to get if you know the right people -- and now he's looking to save face by settling the score.

I can hear some of you saying that I should start carrying a gun, myself.

So what would you suggest? The next time I meet him we have a shoot out and the last person standing is the winner?

I refuse to believe that this is the kind of country we live in now.

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