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'Your Site Demeans Women!'

Excerpt form email:

'Like most porno sites your site is just about sex and demeaning women....'

Dr. West replies:

We'll grant you that this site is mostly about sex, just as most sites specialize in a particular area of interest.

However, let's examine your "demeaning" claim.

Since the time of Eve women have used the lure of sex to control men and situations.

Many of the letters on this site are about women who willingly assume the role of hotwives.

Note the images below. You should recognize the first as the key image for this site.

The second depicts a hotwife sexing a man in front of her husband.

In neither instance is the woman being demeaned; rather, she is in charge of her sexuality and the situation.

t is assumed that when it comes to sex women are universally opposed to being, in your words, "demeaned."

Even though many women strongly object to the idea, it is evident from a study of female fantasies that some women find  "demeaning "sexual fantasies and situations a turn-on -- even, for some women, a precursor to sex. 

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