Asian women are often a target of sexual molestation

Revenge Porn

By Dr. Ronny West

Today, another young woman took her life after a former boyfriend posted a nude photo of her on social media without her knowledge or consent.

She only found out when she started getting a flood of taunting emails.

Again, there are multiple victims: The young woman with a promising future cut short at age 16, her unfeeling boyfriend who will undoubtedly be haunted by his calloused act for the rest of his life, her family members who are mourning her, and possibly even the school officials who she repeatedly appealed to for help but to no avail.

Of course, bullying and revenge porn takes place among all age groups.

Husbands or former lovers "getting even" with women for dumping them are another large group.

In the latter case a woman's professional career can be sabotaged when photos are gleefully passed around, sometimes by men who simply have a problem with successful women.

Some states are trying to enact stiff penalties for revenge porn, but the political process moves slowly, especially when political differences are involved or when money to pursue legal remedies is limited.

Then there is the issue of the attention that legal action sparks after some people begin to search the Internet for the offending images.

Until people grow out of their adolescent interest in such images, these things will continue to have the power to hurt, and those who feel a need to hurt others by using them will take warped satisfaction in the process.

As a colleague of mine says, "Why can't people just grow up?"

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