Tied Down and Blindfolded

Email from a wife 

      My officemates and I sometimes have time on our hands right before quitting time and so we pull our chairs together and kill the remaining time by exchanging stories -- generally about guys.

This one time we started going around and telling our wildest personal stories.

We were particularly interested in hearing MaryAnn's story, mostly because she is quiet, conservative and shy. MaryAnn is in her early 30's with short, red, pixie-cut hair.

She didn't want to talk, but we goaded her to add her story.

 The  topic had gone to sex and MaryAnn never talked about sex, so we didn't expect much.

It took her a long time to start, but when she finally did, it added meaning to the saying, "it's always the quiet ones."

She said, "I'm from Louisiana as I guess you'al know, and down where I was brought up we had this thing about blacks.

"But there was this time when my husband put me with a black man, simply because he knew I was scared of him.

"My husband can be mean that way, but I guess he knew I needed it."

With that MaryAnn had everyone's attention.

She said, "We used to play these games in the bedroom, games that over time would get progressively more risqué.

"This one time he put a blindfold on me, tied me down, and started rubbing me until I was very wet and ready to climax."

He then said, "I'm gong to get someone else to take you the rest of the way."

I didn't know what was about to happen, but felt the bed shake as someone else climbed in and before I could figure out what was going on I felt a large penis push fully up into me until it bottomed out.

"I had never felt anything like that before, but being tied down, blindfolded, and on the very edge of a climax I wasn't in a mind to fight what was happening.

"Then I felt someone kissing my neck, which you need to know is very erotic with me. So any loss of excitement due to the surprise was now gone and I couldn't help myself;  after a few minutes I was again on the very edge of a climax."

I heard my husband ask if I liked it, and of course I said, "yes." What else are you going to say when you are about to cum?"

My husband kept asking me questions like if I liked the feel of this, etc., etc.

I was frantic to finish cumming so I told him what he wanted to hear: how good it felt, which it did, and I tried tried to push against the man that was in me to so I could finish.

"Just as I started my climax my husband jerked off my blindfold and I saw this black man over me.

"My climax had already started and that's something you can't stop, so in a frenzy I wrapped my legs around him, locked my ankles together,  pulled him against me. 

"As he came I felt his sperm shoot into my cervix. Knowing what that meant, caused me to climax with a yell that I'm sure the neighbors heard. 

"Then I screamed at my husband to untie me and when he did I bolted to the bathroom. I took a shower and tried to douche out the sperm.

"It took me hours to sort out what had happened -- during which time I refused to speak to my husband, which I'm sure he expected.

"I was thinking I had a good case for divorce, but my husband kept reminding me that I had locked this man up against me as I climaxed, which was hardly an indication that I wanted things to stop."

Just then MaryAnn's personal cell phone rang. She said, "I'll tell my husband and if he doesn't have any plans for tonight I'll meet you at your place."

MaryAnn smiled at us, got up, and casually said, "I guess it's time to go and was out the door."

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