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Blackboard Jungle Experience 

E-mail From a Female Teacher

" Sex is everywhere. You see pretty little blond cheerleaders giving head to black boys all over campus, even in the hallway.

In my last school during the Spring semester alone we had 26 white girls become pregnant, every one by a black boy."


 I am a first grades teacher. I am young (25), engaged to a wonderful man, a successful young professional man.  I'm considered attractive (5'4 112 35C-25-35 blonde hair and blue eyes) and I have high moral standards.

Presently, I am in an affluent suburb of overwhelmingly white students with a small (about 10%) south Asian and east Asian minority, a few Mexicans and even fewer blacks.

The students are well behaved and serious about their studies. Our school excels in every department -- athletics, band, drama, test scores, etc. We are an elite public school and rank even with the better private schools.

This is my first year here and for the first time in three years I am beginning to be more optimistic again about our future.

      >>   However, for the sake of my school loan, I taught in the inner city for the previous three years.

What a nightmare!

My experience in our public schools has given me little to be optimistic about our future. Our inner city schools are a jungle.

I taught at three different schools, a different one each year, but they were all the same -- mostly black with significant white and Mexican minorities.

The kids didn't care about education. The black students especially, were rude, obnoxious, sullen, lazy, bullying, sexually aggressive, violent, ignorant, apathetic, and dangerous.

" More than a few times I feared for my life, or, at least my virtue. The black boys in those schools expect their white teachers to have sex with them. They were always coming on to me. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. "


      >>   I am not sure if it was fear or attraction, or a combination, but I know of some of the white teachers who were having sex with their black male students. I was propositioned almost daily and insulted in every class.

Fights are routine. Its not unusual for there to be an assault of some type each day. There were days when we had several police at the school investigating different assaults.

I remember one day we had two shootings and two knifings on the same day. I don't know how many fist fights we averaged each day. It was rare for a day to go by without a fight.

The blacks and Mexicans especially fought constantly. The black boys were always going after the Mexican girls and the Mexican boys fought the blacks. The Mexican girls and black girls fought, too, but not as much as the white girls and black girls.

The Mexican girls had the Mexican boys to stand up for them, but the white boys wouldn't stand up for the white girls.

The black boys went after the white girls, but the white boys were mostly intimidated and afraid, so the black boys pretty much had their way with the white girls.

The black kids bully the white kids and make them give them their lunches and their rings and their watches and their money. If they don't, they get beat up by the black kids.

It's the sex trend in our schools that concerns me and the reason for this letter.

In the inner city schools all the white girls are dating black boys. The white boys are pushed aside. All the football and basketball players are black, and all the cheerleaders and pretty girls are going with the black athletes.

Sex is everywhere. You see pretty little blond cheerleaders giving head to black boys all over campus, even in the hallway.

" In my last school the Spring semester alone we had 26 white girls become pregnant, and every one of the by a black boy."

That is incredible to me and a terrible trend for our country. What will happen to the white race with all the white girls having sex with black boys and having black babies?

And to make it even worse all the black girls are angry with the black boys dating only white girls so they beat up the white girls.

Every day almost a poor little white girl gets beaten up by a gang of big black girls. The problem of black girls beating up and robbing white girls is almost as bad as the problem of black boys beating up and robbing white boys.

" The kids who want to learn aren't getting an education. They are just trying to survive."


      >>   What kind of future do you think they have? Most are from broken homes -- the single mothers are overwhelmed -- they don't even know what's going on and are just not there for their kids. They are just trying to get by.

It's pretty hopeless for these kids. No dad at home. Mother working. Class work disrupted. Constant bullying.

I feel bad for them, but it's a hopeless situation -- the teachers have given up. They don't even try to teach -- they just try to get by themselves.

" Some of the teachers having sex with the students! I could not believe that but it is true. Several white female teachers were having sex with the black teachers and coaches in school and even with young black students! "


 This tells me something is terribly wrong and backward in our society. Why aren't they having sex with their white husbands? Why do they need sex from black men?

I spoke with one of my friends, a white teacher who was having an affair with one of the black coaches. She said her husband wasn't interested in sex anymore and she was unhappy and frustrated and needed it, so she did it. She said she wasn't proud of herself but blamed him as much as herself.

I just know that something is terribly wrong either with the white women or the white men in this country. It seems like almost all white women want black men now! I do not understand it.

Maybe it has something to do with getting older? I am still young and pretty and I have my choice of men.

My husband is perfect -- smart, good looking, successful, nice family. I am lucky I guess. (I think being blond and beautiful helps.)

I can't imagine him at 40 no longer wanting me or not wanting sex. Will I then turn to black men?

I am just alarmed at this trend of white women seeking black men for sex.

I know it is going on at an alarming rate but why? And what does it mean? Is it the end of the white race, of our civilization as we know it?

Everywhere I go I keep seeing white women with black men. And I keep seeing white men with Asian women? What is it with that?
I am just trying to imagine what my marriage will be like in 10 or 15 years and wondering if I, too, will be wanting a black man. Or, if my husband will be having an affair with one of those...Asian women.

I can't imagine that happening. I hope we have sense enough if we become bored with each other to work out a reasonable arrangement without breaking up our family

 I would rather have an open marriage than a divorce, especially if we have kids.

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