The Logic of Rationales
Evaporate When Examined



The Roots of

Anti-Sex Views

ot only are the ancient anti-woman, anti-sex arguments bankrupt, but they are causing major problems for individuals and society.

Cherry Lee, Ph.D.

In this article we'll examine the principal anti-sex arguments.

The "God's Law" Argument

We'll start with this because it underlies the others.

Anti-sex, anti-woman views can clearly see in many Bible passages.

        We now know now that these views were promulgated largely for political reasons—to make early Judo-Christianity more appealing to rival sects and tribes that were male dominated societies.

Even within the Judo-Christian societies what ended up being "right" typically came down to who won on the battlefield.

The victors ruthlessly destroyed rival views (manuscripts) and the individuals associated with them. As we've discovered, a few of these manuscripts were hidden in caves in an effort to save them.

But even when discovered and found to predate approved versions of scriptures they tended to be disavowed by the entrenched religious establishment.

       Although the original rationale for the anti-woman views has long passed, fundamentalist Christians have clung to them as "God's law."

These views have plagued women throughout the centuries—even though there is biblical evidence that Jesus, himself, held a different view, but one that didn't support the political goals of the early church.


        "God's law," especially in this case, actually springs from "man's law" (the gender reference here is intentional).  

The history of the bible (at least an objective one) shows  that  men like St. Augustine and, a man who had a major influence in compiling the Bible, had some pretty strange ideas about sex.

St. Augustine said, husbands and wives who engaged in sex were no different than pigs and geese, and that even married couples should abstain from sex.

Since this contradicts the "go forth and multiply" biblical edict, this was later changed to sex that isn't intended to conceive children. Thus, birth control was deemed a sin.

If the possible "penalty" of unwanted children is removed from sex, it was assumed that married and unmarried couples will be more apt to engage in sex for the simple and even loving pleasure involved.

To answer the illogical issue of that the only recourse was to turn this sexual prohibition into a kind of mystical, "It can't be understood, but it's God's law" line of reasoning.

The following Christian advice to the newly married is a good example.

       ...Dear reader, let me concede one shocking truth. Some young women actually anticipate the wedding night ordeal with curiosity and pleasure!

Beware such an attitude!

One cardinal rule of marriage should be never be forgotten: give little, give seldom, and above all give grudgingly.

Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride (1894)


The Sexually-Transmitted Disease Argument

        The STD issue is, of course, real; but, interestingly, the very things that could virtually eliminate this threat -- education, and if widely and consistently used, condoms, are officially opposed to by a large segment of conservative religious.

Not only has this resulted in untold personal and economic suffering but the ban on birth control in general has resulted in marital discord, unwanted pregnancies, and bringing children into the world that can't adequately fed, clothed, or educated.

One would be hard pressed to justify this stance on anything resembling moral grounds.

Health Benefits of Sex

        Sex has many health benefits, especially for women.

Is Sex Good for a Woman's Health?

Yes, from a number of standpoints.

1. Studies have shown that regular sex is associated with living longer, lower rates of depression, and an enhancement of the health and beauty of a woman's skin.

2. Researchers at SUNY Albany have found that women who abstain from sex are more likely to suffer from depression.

3. Orgasms appear to reduce the effects of PMS. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that even women who fantasize about sex had twice the PMS pain tolerance of control groups. This is apparently due to a spike in estrogen.

4. Vigorous sex can burn more than 200 calories, which is about the same as spending 30 minutes jogging. According to a researcher at the University of Bristol, regular sex has also been associated with better posture.

5. Frequent sex is tied to a lower incidence of breast cancer in women.

6. A 1999 study among college women found that orgasms—one or two times a week in this study—were linked to the production of immunoglobulin, which helps fight disease.

7. A 2004 study indicated that women who have regular sex are less likely to develop cancer. At this point the explanation for this is not known.

        However, at least one study has found a link between the number of sex partners a woman has had with ovarian cancer.

Ironically, conservative factions have been opposing vaccinations against ovarian cancer -- vaccinations that have proven to be both safe and effective.

Although these people often claim that the vaccinations are not safe, that has been disproven by research in numerous countries.

Thus, the underlying rationale against them emerges -- a fear that without the "cancer fear" these vaccinations will facilitate premarital sex.

       Denouncing a scriptural tradition that sees women as both corrupt and corrupting must be the operative principle of a religious system that quotes Jesus as saying, "I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly." (John 10:10)

-Bishop John Shelby Spong


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