Although our animal selves die, our spiritual selves don't.

Our Animal-Spiritual Selves


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         I've done a lot of reading on sex and spirituality.  I don't claim to have "the" answer, but what I've come up with is that while we are "here" our spiritual selves are temporarily superimposed into our animal bodies.

But they are meant to operate together and when the two are in conflict, we've got problems.

Once our animal selves die, our spiritual selves in my opinion continue "behind the scene" until they are incarnated again.

Unfortunately, religion has tried to convince us that our body (primarily our sexual nature) is incompatible with our spiritual selves.

" Our goal should not be to squelch our sexual natures, but to keep our animal and spiritual parts in balance. "

Like you say on your site, once in the early history of religion this was understood. But then the people who inspired these religions and original beliefs left the scene, or were forcibly removed from the scene when their ideas conflicted with those who felt a need to take over the mantle. 

People with control agendas and personal sexual problems tried to codify it all, and the spiritual dimension of sexuality was removed or badly distorted.

What remains from the original understanding can be found in some elements of tantric sex, but even that has been badly distorted over the years.

Today, isolated experiences such as this one attest to the original animal-spiritual potential.

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