Reexamining Some

Judeo-Christian Beliefs


Are There Hidden

Effects of Adultery?

In this era of effective birth control when extramarital sex is tolerated and even  permitted within some marriages (see hotwife discussions on this site) it becomes difficult to justify an anti-adultery stance that originated thousands of years ago to meet very different cultural needs.

Granted, we are still living with the troublesome and destructive jealousy and possessiveness issues that largely sprang from these views, but today sophisticated people need to know why these ancient Abrahamic views are still being imposed on society.

When pressed for an explanation most of the religious leaders fall back on the ancient, "thou shall not" prohibitions -- prohibitions that we know are  now being widely ignored.

Not only are they are being ignored because they "don't hold water" in an enlightened era but because in many cases they have been proven socially and physically harmful.

So the question is, can there be a scientifically valid reason to adhere to these ancient prohibitions?

Maybe. but you won't find the following explanation any mainstream religious text or science textbook.

According to some "out-of-the-mainstream" sources, sex results in a parapsychological link or bonding between participants starting with the first sexual experience.

These sources maintain that sex is more than a physical act; it affects things on a level that can't be measured or directly observed. 

If this extends into the parapsychological, it's easy to see why this couldn't be explained to people that hold a strictly scientific view of things.

Even today we don't fully understand DNA, conception, or the apparent transfer of human characteristics between generations.

Recently, a Catholic cleric said that divorced partners who remarry shouldn't engage in sex with the new partner.

You will recall that Jesus said that if a divorced couple remarries [and has sex ?] they commit adultery.

This can only make sense by bringing in the parapsychological elements we've alluded to.

So the question is, is there information locked away in some secret recess of the Vatican library to support this, or is this prohibition simply based on ancient, outdated beliefs which are not only depriving us of a rich interpersonal experiences but causing us untold grief and guilt?

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