'No' Means 'No; 'Stop' Means 'Stop'


This is in response to email.

" Looking sexy is a woman's right in expressing her femininity and it's not an advertisement for sex."

Unfortunately, some men have disregarded this feminine right, or have believed that alcohol, wild partying, or academic or family status will excuse their actions.

Many of them are now sitting in prisons.

When they get out they find their lives and life prospects permanently altered as a result of their felony conviction.

Maybe it's different under Sharia Law, but under US laws women have the ability and even the obligation to report molestation and rape even though the legal system may not make it easy or pleasant.

When it comes to "he-said, she said" accounts the deck is typically stacked against male defendants -- especially if they are black and/or poor.

So, men, when it comes to sex, make sure things are very clear before you jump in the sack with a woman you don't really know or trust.

To complicate things further remember that a woman can change her mind at any point during sex and men must be ready to accept that.

It may be frustrating, but, as the title above says, 'No' Means 'No; 'Stop' Means 'Stop.'

If she is waffling about permission, or if you think she could change her mind after the fact, it's not worth the risk.

Be smart, find yourself another woman.

- Dr. David Weston

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