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An Experience in

Sexual Transcendence

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(Although this really isn't about sex.)

Suddenly we were floating in an unbounded space filled with warmth and light.

The boundaries between our bodies dissolved and, along with them, the distinctions between man and women. We were one.

...There was nothing to do, nothing to achieve. We were in ecstasy.

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, M. Anand.

After reading your information on spiritual sex,I had to write.

The following experience hasbothered me in a quite beautiful wayfor a long time.

It was about six years ago and I haddecided to spend mytwo week's vacation at aresort beside a lake in Switzerland.

My live-in girlfriend had left me and I needed to unwind some place far away.

After few days a woman checked into the lakeside lodge where I was staying. Since we were both American and English is a problem with manypeople there, we started spending time together.

" Her name was Marcia. Although she wasn't beautiful, she had a strange, quiet, confidence about her and a kind of haunting, sultry glow that's impossible to put into words."

I've never met a woman who seemed more at ease with herself and the world, and moreopen. Her voice was kind of low in pitch and soft. She had quick and genuine smile, and she had a way of looking at you that made you believe she was totally with you.

I found her presence unsettling.

We took a long walk around the lake and in a very short time I was feeling that I had never been closer to any human being in my life. If you can fall in love in a few hours, I guess I did.

This one afternoon it was pouring rain outside and we ended up in my room. She asked me, "Have you ever made love sitting up?" Normally, if a woman came up with something like that, I would have been put off, but with Marcia it didn't seem strange.

She said, "Make sure you are comfortable, we are going to be sitting across from each other for a while."

We pulled the dresser next to the end of the bed so that there was a gap of a several feet between them.

We were nude and with the help of pillows she sat on my lapfacing me. She took hold of my erect penis and eased herself down on it.

I started moving my pelvis because I thought that was what you were supposed to do in sex. She stopped me and said, "Don't cum, just keep an erection, it will be a bridge for the energy."

She closed her eyes and I was aware of her breathing in a slow, rhythmic way. After a while she opened her eyes and just looked at me.

She said, "Betotally with the energy that's flowing between us. It's there now, you just have to surrenderto it."

The rest sounds like a drug trip but I know that nothing like that was involved.

Finally, she said, "Ilove you." I was embarrassed, it seemed much too sudden, butwith that it seemed as if my defenses melted. I hesitantly said "I love you too."

She said, "Look at me and really feel it; know it." She had me look deeply at her and say "I love you," over and over.

It wasn't long before the scene wasn't sexual at all. I felt a profound love washing over me.

Several times she said, "Let go."

Suddenly, in a way I can't describe the divisions between us dropped away.

" She said, "Don't be frightened." I soon understood why she said that."

Soon there was a kind of quiet explosion and it was if I was everywhere in the universe at the same time. It was like I was IT -- all there was.

Everything seemed more real than anything I had known -- more real than this transient life that I had been living. That sudden realization scared me and I jumped back.

Again, she said, "Don't be frightened."

I was feeling a kind of love that I had never felt before, but it wasn't focused on just her, it wasan overwhelming love for everything, everywhere.

" Our bodies dissolved and for a moment I 'knew' her beyond my limited perception -- totally, completely, and without judgment or reservation.

For that moment I saw beyond the 'shadow' of how we appeared to each other as singular beings."

Afterward, she said, "Nice, wasn't it?"

By my sudden silence she knew what I was feeling, and "nice" was hardly a word for it.

By then the rain had turned into a very light mist and she said, "Let's take a walk around the lake." I spent the whole time just thinking about the experience.

At one pointI asked, "What happened back there?" She said, "For a moment we set ourselves free," she waved her hand around, "from this dream."

Right then I was feeling that I wanted to go back and do it again, but she said, "Just remember what it was like," and then she started talking about other things.

As we walked though the mist around the lake I realized that I had never met a woman that affected me as much and as quickly as Marcia. I wanted to continue to bask in the feeling I had when I was around her.

Marcia let me stay in my silence and as if understanding what I was feeling, said, "I have someone waiting for me back home." Marcia then said,

" For a while wefind ourselves withcertain people for certain reasons. No one owns anyone else, and like it says in your Bible, there are no husbands and wives in heaven."

Since then hardly a day has gone by that I haven't thought about that experience. I realize now that Marcia was operating on a level far above me.

One thing I have been trying to do is be like her -- relaxed, open,unpretentious, loving, quietly happy. That's a lifetime goal in itself.

Thank you Marcia.

    It would seem that religion has for so long equated sex with an unsavory, fleshly, human drive that it's virtually impossible for most people to accept that under specific circumstances it can be a catalyst for spiritual experience. At one point in the history of religion this was understood.

    - DW

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