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Overdue Sexual Emancipation

By Dr. Steven Weston

     Women have been sexually repressed for centuries -- primarily by male-centered theology.

Most of today's anti-woman, anti-sex views can be traced back to the early Judeo-Christian scriptures, and those can be traced back to ancient Jewish tribal law.

These restrictive attitudes were later both adopted and expanded on by male dominated conservative Christianity that felt threatened  by the greater sexual powers of women.

Although women once regarded commonly-held "advice" like the following something of a religious and social mandate, it would be hard to find any woman today who wouldn't see it as ludicrous.

      ...Dear reader, let me concede one shocking truth. Some young women actually anticipate the wedding night ordeal with curiosity and pleasure!

Beware such an attitude!

One cardinal rule of marriage should be never be forgotten: give little, give seldom, and above all give grudgingly.

From Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride (1894)

     In the United States there was originally a outrage over (and attempts to ban) the first definitive study showing that women had sexual desires and needs. 

It appears that men were threatened by this.

As late as the 19th Century it was effectively illegal in England to print that a woman enjoyed sex, even when if it was with her husband.

With the introduction of "the pill" and the publication of the thoughts and fantasies of numerous female writers, female sexuality came out of the closet.

For her highly praised book, Seductress: Women Who Have Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love, Betsy Prioleau researched the most influential women throughout the ages.

She discovered that adventurous, free-loving women have been both more appealing to men and more socially powerful than women that were "only" beautiful and virtuous.

The Sexual Emancipation of Women

" As we've noted, the first stage of sexual liberation for women came with the invention of 'the pill.' The next will be the introduction of libido enhancing drugs and pharmaceuticals that prevent STD."


      When it comes to sex, women have a definite biological advantage. For one thing, they are capable of more orgasms and more sexual partners in a shorter period of time.

Today, because professional pressures, health issues, and the medications men are taking, more and more women are reporting that their husbands can't keep up with their sexual needs.

According to one man who wrote in,  "There are an awful lot of sexually frustrated housewives out there."

Not unrelated, many women have begun to realize the importance of an active sex life to good mental and physical health.

The  Future Female?

      In next few decades we'll probably see the concept of the male as pursuer of sex and the female as the pursued openly reverse.

Some observers say it already has.

In part, they cite the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry, which is ever-more-blatantly marketing its products as tools of male seduction.

" Many men now report that it is the woman who is most apt to initiate both premarital and extramarital sex."


Something else may soon enter the picture.  Preliminary testing of female libido-enhancing drugs indicates that the female libido (sex drive) can be brought to the level of the average adolescent male.

At the same time, as we've indicated, the level of male libido has been declining. especially during middle-age.

As we see from the letters to this site, some men with lowered sexual drive and abilities are allowing -- even encouraging -- their wives to have carefully controlled, sanctioned affairs. Advantages are often cited.

To remove the traditional threat that extramarital sex has on the marriage, some couples are quietly opting for a new definition of the marriage contract -- one that emphasizes love, commitment, and partner priority over sexual exclusivity.

At the same time, there is little doubt that conservative religious factions will vigorously oppose such changes, just as they have many social changes throughout history.

To move to greater levels sexual freedom without personal and social consequences we must get beyond the jealousy and possessiveness that for so long have been a part of male-female relationships.

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